The Secrets of Egyptian Dance- Hip Series Private Online Workshop

Here´s my NEW Private Online Workshop with a PROMOTION you don´t want to miss valid for subscriptions until the 21st December 2016!

The Secrets of Egyptian Dance -The Hip (Womb) Series

5 sessions, each with 2 hours length.
5 different themes that nobody else is teaching – pioneer material – an insider´s look into the authentic Egyptian Dance world.

Issues that are at the core of Egyptian Dance Essence; a bridge between the East – as I rediscovered it during 8 years of career and life in Egypt – and the West.

Teaser: the 1st theme/session is the biggest elephant in the room: Female Sacred Sexuality and how it plays a central role in Egyptian Dance.

A step deeper into The Secrets of Egyptian Dance.

Face to face contact, via Skype, with extra didactic material shared between sessions.

Although the program is defined, there´s a personalized attention to each student and her/his particular needs, difficulties and potential.
Out of the box teaching contents and method.


For informations on the promotional price, or other doubts you may have, send email to

I´m ready to embark on this dance & life changing journey with you.

Workshop available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Joana Saahirah of Cairo