Joana Saahirah´s BOOKS


I´ve written, although not always published, since I can remember.

Writing is as part of my life as Dance, Music, Acting, Teaching, breathing.

Through the books I share with the world, I hope to bring Egyptian Dance and other aspects of Human experience to life in ways that entertain, inspire, and empower my readers. I hope that´s how you feel once you grab one of the goodies you´ll find in this page.



 “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond

(A Journey of Death and Rebirth in the country of the Pyramids


This book was born from the Dance Course – THE SECRETS of EGYPTIAN DANCE – Joana has already taught in different countries (England, Egypt, Portugal, Israel, USA, Mexico, and more).


“Once upon a time I had a dream and I chased it. This Magical Book tells about my Adventure in Egypt, the Price we pay for our Dreams and the Wisdom we gather on the Journey up the Mountain.


Almost killed, chased, shocked and amazed with an Egyptian (fascinating) underworld very few foreigners ever get to know. How did I end up living and performing in Egypt for almost a decade, succeeding in my career against all odds? How did I do it* when everyone yelled: YOU CAN’T?!


The answer to these – and other – intriguing questions is above rational understanding; it’s Magic we’re talking about. In my heart, I knew I had to go to Egypt and rescue Oriental Dance’s Soul (my own Soul) so that the World could remember, once more, why WE ARE ALIVE*.


This Book is a about my real-life Adventure – my (OUR) Journey*. I can hear the desert’s wind whispering: it was never only about the dance, darling. Oriental Dance is just a Door – covered in veils and luminous sequins – to a Temple where much about Life’s Adventure is to be learnt. Welcome to Egypt: welcome to the World (enjoy the Ride!)”

Excerpt from the book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”

*Follow the link in order to get your own copy of “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” (2nd edition, revised and updated):




“Behind the Curtain, a collaboration between Joana Saahirah and the Slovenian Photographer, Breda Jurecko.


What lies behind a stage curtain?

What happens inside an Oriental Dancer, the eternal damned “odalisque”, beyond appearances? What does it mean to be a passionate Creator, a Woman who´s not afraid to be her full – untamed – self?

This and other questions are answered in this book, a collaboration between Joana Saahirah, a world-known Oriental Dancer, and Breda Jurečko, a photographer with a very special perspective. When these two women met in Slovenia, before a show with Mazzikatea orchestra, the idea of an (unexpected) book was born to bring the hidden, perhaps most interesting, side of an Oriental Dancer´s life, to the light.


*Follow the link to order your copy of “Behind the Curtain”:


7 thoughts on “Joana Saahirah´s BOOKS

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    • Dear reader,

      I am Joana Saahirah and the book you just mentioned – thanks for the kind comment towards the book – is mine. The book I mention in this post is the 2nd edition – revised and updated – of “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”.
      A new – completely different – book will be out soon. Working on it.

      Thanks for the support and appreciation,


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