Testimonials about Joana Saahirah´s Online Courses

I L-O-V-E to share my experience, and knowledge, accumulated in almost 20 years of a high-profile career in Egypt and around the world, with my students.
Bring your dreams on – I´ll help you turn them into reality.


Here are some of the TESTIMONIALS I´ve received from dancers who´ve studied with me in my PRIVATE ONLINE COURSES as well as at JOANA SAAHIRAH´S ONLINE DANCE SCHOOL.

furthermore, and allow me to brag a little, after just 1 year of existence, Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School counted 255 5-star ratings and 1 4-star rating from a student who complained when the internet on my side fell due to a fire that devastated the area where I was living at the time (true story!).

I´m grateful and honored by their amazing feedback ❤

“Professionalism, quality, originality, and enthusiasm are some of the “ingredients” I´ve found in my private online classes with Joana Saahirah. It´s been a very enriching experience on a dance level as well as on a personal level.”

Fátima Enes


Taking online classes with Joana Saahirah has allowed me to fall even more in love with Oriental dance than I thought possible. As a teacher, Joana doesn’t teach steps, she cultivates artists. She expects nothing less than your authentic self in every move, and she is a living example of that integrity. Don’t get me wrong, she can break down a shimmy with the best of them, but connecting you to the purpose behind that shimmy is where Joana truly shines as a teacher. Whether in class or on stage, she is unapologetically creative and alive. Not only does she dance outside of the box, but she respects the hell out of that box, too! From our first class, Joana has pinpointed exactly what I needed and laid out exercises and inspirations to get me there. I truly look forward to my practice these days, which is often self-discovery. Learning from Joana is the most serious kind of fun. Thank you, Joana!

Heather Henna Louise


To study Egyptian dance with Joana Saahirah is to embark on an incredible personal journey — a journey of self-discovery, re-education and expansive growth. This is not a course of study for those who are game to join the “belly dance bandwagon” or those simply looking to spice up their exercise regimen. It is not for the weakhearted, you will find yourself nudged (gently, thoughtfully) outside comfort zones in order to ensure your progress. Warning: boldness and courage may be required!

Aimed at achieving a fundamental change in our understanding of and relationship to Oriental dance, Joana’s coursework is extensive, holistic. Her courses include (but are certainly not limited to) re-learning/re-thinking the basics of Oriental dance, understanding the soul of Egypt and its people, knowing the role(s) of Egyptian dance within cultural and spiritual contexts (both modern and historical), finding the relationships between movement, stillness and geometry, exploring sensualism, musicality and the relationship(s) between dance, other art forms and life.

At their core, Joanna’s private lessons are about the very personal process of unfoldment; an alchemical journey toward an artful embodiment of dance — a journey back to self, back to the artist within. Along the way you may rediscover the tender balance between expansive motion and quiet calm. Throughout you will find an atmosphere of authenticity. Joana’s teaching is about discovering your own answers, taking your own path of discovery to the heart of Oriental dance that resides within yourself and then having the audacity to embrace it, nourish it, share it.

In two months of study with Joanna I have experienced as much growth as I have in the last two years of studio classes. More importantly however, is the unique synthesis, context and connections I now understand by learning in this special way. My very personal journey has purposefully, artfully meandered as easily from Bauhaus to Glenn Gould to the Dionysian Mysteries as it has from Baladi to Tarab to Mawal. As Joanna repeats like a mantra, “It’s all connected.” What an incredible ride… what an incredible gift.

Justine Riekena


” She is a really *magical* dancer and teacher, my understanding of Egyptian dance (and my dance) has been trans-formative, deepened, since taking ONLY her online classes! She develops each class personal based on your needs that are visible (and invisible) to you. What you think you know, you really have no idea! I don’t even know how to begin without writing a novel. I can only imagine what her live classes/workshops are like! Not only does she develop your dance, but your understanding of Egyptian history, the people and their culture, and learning the heart of it all… the great secrets to this dance you don’t hear about in your normal classes. Time is spent in EACH class developing not only your dance, but your understanding of the magic behind it all. Sometimes in very unusual but exciting, and interesting ways. “

Yara Sultan


Learning with Joana through her Online classes was an experience that challenged me on many levels as a dancer and a researcher of oriental dance. Don’t expect “I show you, you repeat” type of class. You may expect questions that will make you rethink your way of seeing oriental dance, useful feedback that is concentrated on your dance technique and expression, expect homework and hard work but also fun, joy and transformation. In our few lessons I got connected to many various inspiring sources -it is never just about dance, in her words, and I agree. The most valuable thing that I got was this wide perspective that she offered to me as a teacher, it encouraged me to look for my own connections and meanings. I am grateful for that.

Sonja Antanasijevic

“Thank you so much for the class, it´s just amazing! So much information, motivation, authentic  feeling, space for personal creativity, individuality, and at the same time your professional leading! I love it! In last few months I have a problem with motivation, I wanted to end up with dance, but your videos and your new attitude to dance gave me new motivation to continue, go deeper and search for my own style and attitude which was quite scary for me in the past. I am so happy I have heard about you and now be a student of your online dance school, though only recorded, as it´s quite hard for me to have time to dance when your lessons are online. But I hope and trust once to see you face to face on Skype (at least) or live. Thank you once more and I am looking forward to the second baladi lesson.”

Sarka Sheerah

“Wonderful material and lots of stuff to practice in this last class. Since I have started taking classes with you, I have really opened myself up to what moves feel good on my body. I have expanded my knowledge of classical music. I know think about Egyptian music differently when I hear it. When I went to Egypt in the spring, armed with the info from your classes, I saw how the native dancers moved in a different way from the way I had been trained. I saw and felt the difference between dancing on top of music versus sharing the music and dance with a musician. All these concepts which you gave in your classes seriously prepared me to get the most out of the trip. I really felt like I experienced artistic culture in Egypt, because I knew what to look for thanks to your teaching. I eagerly await the next platform of your dance school and the many topics we have yet to cover. Thank you, Ms. Joana and I look forward to being in your class again!”

Amy Wilson

Yes, simply the BEST. She pours out so much love, passion, light through the screen to all students and it inspires me so much. There had been doubts, confusions in my head but she is the one saying exactly what I need to hear to awaken myself. Now I feel my heart is more open for every movement. Her classes change the landscape of my dance basically. She is such a blessing  to the education of Egyptian Dance today.

Zoe Ni

Once again, thank you for the inspiring classes. Emotions are a special subject for me. I feel a LOT but it doesn’t always show. So, I try working on that. It has to do a lot with the insecurity deep down, I guess. And I’ll repeat myself, I love your classes. They resonate with me and in such a kind way.

Lucie Cupalová

Dear Joana Saahirah, I am speechless, how an online Course can be that touching! Energy flows not taking care of any miles-distance. Your structure is great, the way you announce the program of the lesson, how you guide us and how you let us free, it is such a good dose. Thank you also for giving theoretical Input to get some knowledge of Egyptian Dance history and Culture..and all of the Bonus material! Today, for me, was a clue lesson. We really dig deep in this journey :-). I thank you from and with all my heart for your honesty and the energy you put in it, in us, your faith, your trust, your love., your wisdom and your clearness. May this pure love come back to you in more than 1000 different ways. Not every great dancer is meant to be a great teacher too, but some of them are…happy those who find them …thank you for sharing what your heart is burning for.