Joana Saahirah´s Journey – from Egypt to the World (dreams DO come true)

I cried, literally, watching this video (created by Teresa Cotrim) ❤ It´s so precious to look at ourselves, and our lives, and experience this overwhelming feeling of pride and love.

Joana Saahirah´s Journey from Egypt to the World.
Enjoy a bit of Joana Saahirah´s Path from Portugal to Egypt; from Egypt to the World – a dream, a mission, a vision come true.
A reminder that DREAMS do COME TRUE (if you do the work) ❤

A moment from one of my performances in Czech Republic; pure state of bliss.

God laughs at our Plans

When I moved to Bali, Indonesia, I thought I’d start a new, local, dance project and settle into the Asian way of living. I also had a personal dream, one I doubted would come true
The thing is I´ve always dreamed my own dream, did my own thing, followed nothing except the guidance of my own soul.
I now look at the last months and realize how little we know and how generous, and sometimes brutal, life can be.
My initial plan went down the drain, giving place to another plan, one I was almost afraid to wish for – finding true love, launching myself into creative adventures that make my adrenaline juices flow, getting into a new phase of my life that pushes me to drop my old, outdated, identity behind.
Like a snake, I shed my old skin. It hurts a little and it’s damned scary but there’s no way back 🌟When Love knocks on your door, you must receive it with open arms. And so I do.
Life can be a b….; it can also be a generous Mother. May we open our hearts and receive its gifts.
Photo: me, bathing in a waterfall in Bali 🌞, captured by the eyes of my beloved man.

Joana Saahirah´s Interview at “Your Creative Fire” Series airs on the 4th June!


Here´s another reason to celebrate: my interview with Jennifer Lakshmi Dove about Egyptian Dance & Creativity airs tomorrow, Monday, the 4th June!

We talked about the fierceness of being an Original, having an ever-expanding Personal Voice, and being our unique self. In dance, as in life.

In order to enjoy the interview, follow the link:

Once you click on the link, the system will lead you to my interview as well as to the interviews of an amazing group of artists, teachers, healers, and visionaries that have explored a myriad of hot topics with Jennifer Dove.
I´m honored to be on this list!

As a bonus GIFT, I´m offering my NEW EBOOK “Welcome to Egyptian Dance Wonderland” to the listeners who request it after accessing the interview.


Feel welcome to listen, comment, and share the interview ❤


My Moroccan Journey


A whole month of work, discovery, new dreams, and expansion -on a personal and professional level – in Morocco has come to an end but, somehow, it feels like it has just started.

I´ve rejected work proposals – not everything that glitters is gold -, I rethought my goals, studied business and marketing (way out of my comfort zone) and dared to expand, on a romantic/intimate level, in ways I´ve never done before.


Guts, honesty and an open heart always take the prize, at the end of the day. And, I, dear friends, am proud of myself. This may well be the most precious gift we can give to ourselves: loving and being proud of who we are.


I´m aware of the value of time, focus, purpose, truthfulness – life. Therefore, my daily decisions, the big and the small ones, are shaped by that appreciation.


I refuse to do things I dislike, unless they´re an obligation I cannot escape (doctor´s appointments, taxes, the logistics of ordinary life), I only work in what I love and with the people I respect; I choose my intimate circle carefully and I try – try* – to take care of myself, body, mind, heart and soul. IMG_20180324_100509_041.jpg

My work trips around the world are part of a package I call MY DREAM LIFE, the existence I was born to lead. They bring me joy, growth, discovery, the opportunity to share all I´ve been learning in my career, and life (they´re never apart),  and the possibility to find my nest, a place I can call home.

Morocco surprised me and it didn´t surprise me at all. A huge part of the country was familiar to me: the language, the mentality, the mix between the Arabic and the African cultures, the rhythm of life, the air. Another side, one I underestimated, astonished me. I had no idea Morocco was so peculiar, so rich in its colorful palette of subcultures, dialects, traditions, music, and dance; I didn´t know you could eat so well, and so much!, there. I had no idea I´d fall in love with the country, despite the exhaustion it can provoke.

IMG_20180311_221501_792.jpgWhen compared to Egypt, and it was impossible for me not to compare it after having lived in Egypt for so long, Morocco is a walk in the park. Even the old medina of Marrakech, a living hell for many tourists, is paradise when compared with the chaos, the noise, the crowds, the overstimulation, the privacy invasion – or privacy non-existence -, the sexual harassment and speed of Cairo. I felt relaxed in the midst of Marrakech´s messy, labyrinthic streets; the harassment of men was mild, almost invisible, when compared with the Egyptian world I (still) carry within.


I could write many posts on Morocco, and all the amazing things I´ve done, and learned, there but time limitation, and priorities, speak louder. What I can say, for the record, is GO.

Go there. Go anywhere your soul calls for.

Traveling, for work or for leisure, is a blessing, a university degree, a window that keeps you from going stale. Water, as humans, was made to move. So, move!


Through The Other, the foreigner, the one we often don´t understand, we discover ourselves.

Through Traveling, an active dip into a foreign culture with a minimum of prejudices blurring our sight, we discover the meaning of life.


Through Adventure – coming face to face with values, and ways of living, which are not our own -, we discover peace of mind. Through peace of mind we discover that, despite our differences, we´re all ONE.


Happy week, beautiful people!

January Magic in Joana Saahirah s Online Dance SchoolJoana Saahirah´s Online Dance School wishes all our students, and followers, an amazing week.

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Joana Saahirah back to Portland, USA, this November!

Portland Joana Saahirah 2017

Joana Saahirah & The Secrets of Egyptian Dance, upgraded & more SOULful than ever, back to Portland (Oregon), this November. Organization by Heather Henna Louise.
Portland is one of Joana Saahirah´s USA & Canada SOULful TOUR.
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Warm up in Brazil (The Love Channel) by Joana Saahirah

The video you´re able to see here is just a warm up, not an exercise or choreography, shared with some of our students in Brazil.  Although it´s just a simple warm up, you can feel the Essence of Egyptian Dance, as an art form, in it. The smoothness, the Soul Language, the love.

Fashions come and go – the Essence is Eternal.

Joana Saahirah & The Secrets of Egyptian Dance – Level II – in Malaga, Spain

Los Segredos de La Danza Egipzia - Nivel II“The Secrets of Egyptian Dance”, a dance training format I´ve created alongside my first published book – “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” – is something I´m really proud to share with the world. Not that I´m not proud of everything I do – I am – but this particular training, divided in 3 basic levels, is my favourite thing to teach.

What nobody´s teaching you about Egyptian Dance & Personal Empowerment.

 The best of Western and Eastern wisdom gathered in a training that awakens you in mysterious ways that go beyond the dance realm. Unique. Precious.

“The Secrets of Egyptian Dance – Level II” happens in Malaga, Spain, on the 9 & 10th December.

More information with Esalim (

Joana Saahirah in Brazil – a glimpse of the Magic*

A glimpse of the Magic lived in Brasil where I was recently teaching, lecturing and performing.

Some of our students joined me to record one of the choreographies I´ve taught at the event – Silences & Pauses in Egyptian Dance, a theme I introduce in all areas of my work, one that´s totally out of fashion and one that´s totally at the core of Egyptian Dance identity. Go figure!

Enjoy The Ride ❤