My January (exciting) NEWS!

A brand NEW book and a brand NEW Joana Saahirah Online Dance School are opening 2019 and you´re invited to join the party!

This new year has found me with both feet firmly on the ground and a growing pair of wings that´ll allow me to take off.

Once more, I redefine my concept of Happiness and the Priorities I must focus on, in case I wish to continue growing (I do).

Turning dreams into reality isn´t always cool, pleasant, or beautiful – sometimes, work is hard; we have to dive deep into boring, challenging tasks; we gotta bump with our head against the wall in order to see the fruits of the seeds we´ve planted. More often than not, the tip of the iceberg is just a tiny sample of the enormous amount of work that preceded it, work which the public never gets to see.

Here are some of the (exciting) NEWS I´m sharing with YOU, this month, both a product of the work that remains hiding beneath the water:

  1. My NEW book“Behind the Curtain” -, a collaboration with a talented Slovenian photographer – Breda Jurecko – is coming out.
  2. A NEW, renewed, Joana Saahirah Online Dance School, is arriving with brand new, pioneering, online courses. The same Vision and Purpose – to share authentic Egyptian Dance, Self-Discovery & Empowerment with the whole world – with an upgraded platform that will serve our community better.

NEW Online Course “Dancing to Mohamed Abdel Wahab – Modern Egyptian Dance with Soul”

Dancing to Mohamed Abdel Wahab New Online Course.jpg

Welcome to “Dancing to Mohamed Abdel Wahab – Modern Egyptian Dance with Soul”, a homage to the Genius of Modern Egyptian Music, the last live & recorded Online Course our School – Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School – is presenting at the Powhow platform.

imagesHere´s what you´ll find in this Online Course:

1. Who is Mohamed Abdel Wahab & why dancing to his Music is an essential part of every Oriental Dancer´s training?

2 Mohamed Abdel Wahab´s place in Egyptian Music History.

3. Opportunities & Challenges his music offers dancers.

4. Dance Technique & Choreography of one of the most iconic songs by Mohamed Abdel Wahab – “Il Fan” (The Art), a perfect mix of Classical & Modern Egyptian Music.

5. How to be a SOULFUL dancer.

6. Six live & recorded classes you´ll be able to attend, face to face with Joana Saahirah, and/or view in the recorded version. You can also download the recorded classes into your computer to view them in your own time and as many times as you wish.

7.  Bonus material – videos, music, articles, images – offered with the course.

Eye_of_Horus_Right.svgHere ´s what you can do to subscribe:

1.Go to and LOG IN with your email & password.

If you don´t have a Powhow account yet, you can create it by introducing your email and a password of your choice.

2. Go to the SEARCH BOX and write the name of the course you wish to purchase. The system will lead you through from there. Or Log into your Powhow account and copy-paste the following link:

3. From the moment we start our live classes (check the schedule at the school), you can join us or/and enjoy the class recordings for as long as our school exists (we plan on existing for a really long time!).

4. If you need assistance regarding the contents of the course, or courses, you´ve subscribed to, send an email to

If you need technical assistance, contact Powhow´s team at

Bring Your Own Light by Joana Saahirah Online Dance School

NEW Private Online Workshop PROMOTION!

I´ve launched my NEW Private Online Workshop – The Secrets of Egyptian Dance – Hip Series – & PROMOTION yesterday and half of the places have already been filled.
Dancers are ready* to challenge themselves and go the extra mile in this pioneer experience I´m so proud of. I´m ready as well to rock our world.

New Private Online Workshop The Secrets of Egyptian Dance by Joana Saahirah.jpg

NEW Private On Line Workshop by Joana Saahirah:
The Secrets of Egyptian Dance -The (Sacred) Hip Series.
PROMOTIONAL price for subscriptions until the 21st December!
Workshop available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Know more about the event by following the link:

Private On Line Workshop The Secrets Hip Series.jpg