My January (exciting) NEWS!

A brand NEW book and a brand NEW Joana Saahirah Online Dance School are opening 2019 and you´re invited to join the party!

This new year has found me with both feet firmly on the ground and a growing pair of wings that´ll allow me to take off.

Once more, I redefine my concept of Happiness and the Priorities I must focus on, in case I wish to continue growing (I do).

Turning dreams into reality isn´t always cool, pleasant, or beautiful – sometimes, work is hard; we have to dive deep into boring, challenging tasks; we gotta bump with our head against the wall in order to see the fruits of the seeds we´ve planted. More often than not, the tip of the iceberg is just a tiny sample of the enormous amount of work that preceded it, work which the public never gets to see.

Here are some of the (exciting) NEWS I´m sharing with YOU, this month, both a product of the work that remains hiding beneath the water:

  1. My NEW book“Behind the Curtain” -, a collaboration with a talented Slovenian photographer – Breda Jurecko – is coming out.
  2. A NEW, renewed, Joana Saahirah Online Dance School, is arriving with brand new, pioneering, online courses. The same Vision and Purpose – to share authentic Egyptian Dance, Self-Discovery & Empowerment with the whole world – with an upgraded platform that will serve our community better.

The Art of turning obstacles into OPPORTUNITIES (a NEW YEAR´s peculiar Message)


The Art of turning obstacles into OPPORTUNITIES is not new to me; every student, fan, follower and reader who´s been in contact with my work knows how familiar this ground is.

Would I wish to live in a world that always runs smoothly, an obstacle-free universe where everything goes exactly how I want them to go, a life covered in unblemished sugar and candy? Probably. Maybe not. Who knows?

I know enough, by now, to recognize Life has a way of making us grow – both professionally and personally – through adversity. And, in the sake of truth, let me say it like it is: obstacles aren´t nice; difficulties, loss, injustice, pain, setbacks, failure, adversity in all its shapes and colors aren´t cool. I can´t stand the voices who glamourize these dark patches trying to make them what they´re not: something we should (almost) wish for. I´d like to have all the roads opened wide for me – effortlessly, lovingly, populated with kind, honest, generous folks who wished me the best.

But, I have to admit, it´s through the dark tunnels we evolve. We must face them, cross them, light them up with our ability to turn the night into a new day.

I´ve lost count of the obstacles I met along the way – they were so many, and some of them so great, I started calling them “opportunities”, first as a strategy to cope with them and survive, then as a realization.

This year, I received loads of blessings and I went through some of the hardest moments, including a big earthquake with a tsunami threat in a distant island, disease, instabilities of different sorts, a face to face meeting with my deepest fears and a fire. If I didn´t have a heart attack these past months, I will never have it.

There are huge TRANSFORMATIONS happening inside me and in my work, including at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.

I´d been thinking about creating a better platform for the school – I´d been wishing for it and dreaming of it forever but life had to slap me on the face, once more, to push me into forward action. The platform – Powhow – where the school operated announced its closure in the space of one month. No warning, no pre-announcement, no preparation: the courses I´d been building in the platform would be gone, forever, after all the love and investment I´d put in them.

At first, it felt like a betrayal, a punch in the stomach. God knows how much work went into the school, how much time, money, skills, patience, care. Yet, my feelings weren´t taken in consideration. As it happens, most of the time, the world doesn´t care if we´re feeling down or outraged. As the jazz song says, “we gotta dust ourselves off and start all over again”. And so I did.

A lot of work is ahead – mistakes, trials, discoveries, surprises, evolution. There´s no shortcut to success or to love or to LIFE. We gotta dig in, dive deep, take chances, wrap our sleeves up and show up for our own survival and thriving.

tumblr_ntvrutKOqi1r9qv2bo1_500.jpgThe medicine may be bitter but it may heal us so let´s open the bottle and swallow the magic liquid, shall we?

1. In the NEW year that´s approaching, I hope you take a deep breath, close your eyes, and give thanks. Say THANK YOU for all you are and have right now (even the unpleasant stuff).

2. Take stake of the “negative” experiences you´ve lived in the past three months and check how you´ve lived them and if you managed to make the best of them. Bring the lessons from past experiences to the present and to the future. 

3. Feel the pain/loss, whenever you suffer/lose; take a step backwards, have a good night sleep, breathe deeply and “start all over again”. Going through the tunnel doesn´t mean we must remain in the tunnel – we cross it to, eventually, get out of it.

4. Wonder how you can turn a “bad situation” into an opportunity for growth. You may not be able to erase sadness or bring a lost treasure back but you can create something beautiful out of it – it won´t eliminate the dark tunnel but it´ll give it meaning.

5. Understand there´s no EVOLUTION without pain. We have to struggle to get out of our comfort zone; we must die a little in order to be reborn.

What I wish for this NEW YEAR is this: the lucidity and courage to cross the dark tunnels life throws at us with our eyes on the prize – what can I learn from this, how can I turn this shitty hard situation into something worthwhile?

You know the deal: nobody said it´d be easy, only that it would be worth it.

Meanwhile, it wouldn´t hurt if we asked Santa for world peace and, yeah!, a few open-wide roads. No rocks or frogs, no traps, no dragons with evil intentions, no losses.

We deserve a break and rewards for the seeds planted ❤

Joana Saahirah Online Dance School December 2018.jpg

A NEW, upgraded, Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School is about to be born.

Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School Rebirth + Thank You Note


Gratitude Note to our AMAZING community at Joana Saahirah Online Dance School.jpg

Every dream is made of a WISH, a VISION, FAITH, ACTION & the SUPPORT OF MANY PEOPLE, some of them invisible to the public.

All of my dreams were born in my heart and all of them took faith, action, talents, and loads of perseverance. None of them would be possible without the support of the precious people I met along the way – Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School is one of them.

I want to personally thank the collaborators, friends, and students who made the beginning of this BIG DREAM possible. The Powhow platform is closing down but a new, upgraded, platform will be available soon for Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.

Our school is going to be REBORN stronger and better than ever out of my VISION but, make no mistake, out of your LOVE & SUPPORT as well.

Stay tuned at

Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School REBIRTH is coming!


Happening as we speak

Transformation, as death – a symbol of transformation -, has a terrible reputation. We love safety, comfort, knowing what´s ahead of us, the (false) sense of security that stagnation brings.

And, yet, Life is constantly reminding us there´s nothing more certain than CHANGE; we can escape a lot but change is in our genes, in the air that turns from cold to hot, in the day that follows the night, in satisfaction that switches to hunger, in the movement of the tides, our blood, our skin, our soul.

The platform – Powhow – where Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School has opened its doors will close down by the end of November – many other changes, personal and professional, are coming along for the ride. What many would see as obstacles, I choose to see as OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH. I know we´re not supposed to stay the same, doing the same things in the exact same way we´ve always made them.

A NEW, better, platform for our school will soon be provided; a NEW, better, future is in construction. Step by step, shift by shift, we arrive where we´re supposed to be. If only we see The Flow as our friend; if only we ACT upon our dreams; if only we trust Life enough and open our arms to RECEIVE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


In a moment like this, when the darkness of Winter is slowly invading & illuminating us, I bow to the blessings of CHANGE. May we act upon it and allow it to bring exactly what it´s meant to fall on our laps.44932137_1871113233010008_3420781523861766144_n

Image via Hayat Hakim

The Creative Process by Joana Saahirah

Enjoy this bonus video – “The Creative Process” – offered with the Online Course “Blooming – Finding & Expressing Yourself in Egyptian Dance & in Life” available at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.

For more information on this and other courses available at our school, feel welcome to email us at

Blooming - Finding & Expressing Your Voice Course

Softness in Egyptian Dance by Joana Saahirah

Something to watch, consider, and apply ❤

Softness in Egyptian Dance and in Life by Joana Saahirah, a bonus feature offered with one of our pioneering Courses at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.


Sensuality in Baladi NEW Online Course

Sensuality in Baladi by Joana Saahirah Online Dance School

Welcome to our – hot, hot, hot – NEW Online Course you´ll absolutely love by Joana Saahirah ´s Online Dance School:

Sensuality in Baladi – Posture, Technique, & Choreography

(A Journey into the Womb of the Baladi style & the fascinating world of female sensuality)


Here´s what you´ll find in this Online Course:

1. Six live & recorded classes you can view, & review, for as long as our school exists.

2. Bonus material offered with the course (music, videos, articles)

3.  Discovering what is Sensuality & how you can integrate it into your dance & in your life.

4. The connection between Sensuality & the Baladi style.

5. Posture, Technique & Choreography of a full, typical, Baladi song (a Classic of Egyptian Music: “Ya Hassan Ya Khouli Geneyna”

6. How to unleash your Sensual Baladi Self – Tasting the Moment.

7. Expanding your Creativity through Sensuality.



Here ´s what you can do to subscribe:

1.Go to and LOG IN with your email & password.

If you don´t have a Powhow account yet, you can create it by introducing your email and a password of your choice.

2. Go to the SEARCH BOX and write the name of the course you wish to purchase. The system will lead you through from there. Or Log into your Powhow account and copy-paste the following link:–2

3. From the moment we start our live classes (check the schedule at the school), you can join us or/and enjoy the class recordings for as long as our school exists (we plan on existing for a really long time!).

4. If you need assistance regarding the contents of the course, or courses, you´ve subscribed to, send an email to

If you need technical assistance, contact Powhow´s team at


Turning Rocks into Diamonds

There´s nothing more inspiring, or challenging, as LIFE. This is our biggest work of art, our biggest lesson, our graduation.

I watch, as the movie rolls – from me, around me -, with the awe of a newborn child. No school, university, teacher can reach the ankles of this Master, the only real Master, called life.


Today, I tried to start a class at my school – Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School – and the system failed. Again. I couldn´t start the class. It was exasperating.

I´m known for my professionalism, work ethic, and self-discipline. Naturally, I freak out when things go down the drain, despite my best efforts. It wasn´t the first time the system had failed. Chasing the “perfect internet” has been a thing since I´ve arrived to Bali. This class, already a rescheduled session, couldn´t happen.

Instead of feeling stressed, and frustrated, I took the high road: I took a deep breath and searched for constructive solutions.

We cannot control reality, independently of our desire to do so;

We cannot control life, its blessings, shocks, synchronicities, jokes, pleasantness and unpleasantness. Its beauty and its ugliness.

As far as I can see, we´re not The Creators of our Lives – we´re the CO-CREATORS. That means we have a partner, the most powerful of them all (LIFE), to deal with.

Although Life´s plan doesn´t always agree with our plan, I´ve learned – through trials and tribulations which I ended up calling “diamonds shaped out of rocks” – we can make the best out of practically everything that comes our way.

I´m not dismissing the unsolvable tragedies, the things we cannot fix – the death of a loved one, a disease that takes away our life quality, a loss so great we cannot manage to lick the wound and go on with a relatively healthy mental state.

Living provides daily opportunities to develop the skill of ADAPTATION and even GRATITUDE for things we didn´t plan, didn´t desire, wished didn´t happen. Instead of working so hard to plan, control, and judge reality, the idea is to EMBRACE what is right now, without judgment, and work with it to the best of our abilities. 

You know how it goes: when life gives you lemons…


In Dance, as in Life, what matters the most is “how well you walk through fire” (Bukowski). How well you deal with the things you cannot change – are you able of turning rocks into diamonds?

Embrace the Fire. Make it Your Own. Let it lighten your path. Kiss it on the mouth.

Make the best of it.

Right now.





Creativity & Freedom in Egyptian Dance & in Life – Introduction NEW Online Course

Creativity & Freedom in Egyptian Dance & in Life.jpg

The purpose of Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School was clear from the start.

My goal was – still is – to deliver authentic Egyptian Dance, to empower & awaken YOU to YOUR true potential. In your dance, as in your life.

Lotus FlowerIn our NEW course, Creativity & Freedom in Egyptian Dance & in Life from the seed to the birth, the second of a Series of Special Thematic Courses that gather Egyptian Dance Technique & Choreography with Self-Awakening & Empowerment (we work on creating your best self, your best dance, and your best life), we´ll go through:


2. We´ll identify and work on THE MAIN CREATIVE BLOCKS DANCERS FACE when they decide to start creating their own DANCE STYLE, THEMSELVES, and THEIR DREAM LIFE.


4. We´ll build an original TABLA SOLO choreography; we´ll work on the DANCE TECHNIQUE included in that choreography. We´ll work on CREATIVE FREEDOM based on this particular choreography, one that mixes Cairo style moves with out of the box, unexpected, super sensual movements that will awaken YOUR originality.

5.  We´ll have an entire module dedicated to MUSICALITY – how to listen, use, and co-create with the music. Structure, phrasing, details; composition, orchestration, and interpretation.

6. You´ll have an entire module dedicated to FREEDOM – how to become FREE in your dance and in your dance to be, and dance, your REAL, AUTHENTIC, FANTASTIC self.

7. WE´ll introduce YOU TO YOUR OWN DANCE & LIFE DESIGN. How to create your own Dance Style, Identity, & the Life you dream about.


Another Course – focused on Manifestation – will be offered right after this one. Stay tuned!

Lotus FlowerWhat you´ll RECEIVE when you subscribe to this pioneering course:

1. You´ll have access to 9 live, and recorded, classes with the total length of 12 hours of high standard training. You can join us live, for each class, or access the class recordings for as long as our school exists. You can view, and review, each class in your own pace.

2. Original, dance & life shaking, BONUS MATERIAL – articles, videos, music, images – created for this course in order to enlighten and empower you even further on this MAGICAL JOURNEY.

3. Feed-back from Joana Saahirah on several exercises – you´ll receive tips on how to improve based on your particular case.

4. You´ll have access to a SPECIAL FACEBOOK LIVE CHAT where you´ll be able to share your comments, questions, and requests for the course. If you cannot join the LIVE CHAT, you can send your requests/comments/questions in advance, via email, and they´ll be answered during the live chat.

5. You´ll have access to a POSITIVE, LOVING, FASCINATING DANCE COMMUNITY that is focused on EVOLUTION – I must say it out loud: our students are the best!

6. You´ll receive dance and life changing material that can indeed EMPOWER YOU TO BE, DANCE, AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.


Lotus FlowerWhat´s the INVESTMENT you´ll do in this Course?

Special, PROMOTIONAL, price (valid from the 21st June until the 28th June 2018): $98

The REAL price of the Course is (valid from the 29th June 2018 on; this course will not be available on any of the future promotions our school may offer – the original price will be applied from the 28th June on): $240

Lotus FlowerWill you be able to request a REFUND if this course is not for you?

Yes, until the 3rd LIVE CLASS.

You can join us, live, or access the first 3 recorded classes, when they happen. If, by class #3, you feel this course won´t change the way you dance, see yourself and live, all you got to do is to send us a REFUND REQUEST and you´ll receive it immediately.

Lotus FlowerHere ´s what you can do to subscribe:

1.Go to and LOG IN with your email & password.

If you don´t have a Powhow account yet, you can create it by introducing your email and a password of your choice.

2. Go to the SEARCH BOX and write the name of the course you wish to purchase. The system will lead you through from there. Or Log into your Powhow account and copy-paste the following link:

3. From the moment we start our live classes (check the schedule at the school), you can join us or/and enjoy the class recordings for as long as our school exists (we plan on existing for a really long time!).

4. If you need assistance regarding the contents of the course, or courses, you´ve subscribed to, send an email to

If you need technical assistance, contact Powhow´s team at

Are YOU ready to give birth to YOUR star?






The birthday girl offers GIFTs to her students at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School

Joana Saahirah Online Dance School Love Boost June 2018.jpg

Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School is an extension of who I am; a part of my heart. Everything I do, from my career in Egypt, then around the world, to my published writings and videos, comes from The Soul.

Therefore, I´ll celebrate my birthday – the 13th June – with you.

For a super limited time – valid for only 2 days – I´m offering you a discount that has never happened before and it´ll never happen again.

A crazy 20% discount on ALL our Class Packages, except “Enta Omri, a Journey of Soulful Egyptian Dance & Self-Love” (this course will not be under any promotion).
Take full advantage of it BEFORE the promo code expires 😉

Use this PROMO DISCOUNT: Joana Saahirah Birthday Special Gift Discount.

The Muezzin by Gean Leon Gerome

The Muezzin by Jean-Leon Gerome

Aside from this EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT, I´d like to share an unsual JEWEL with you – a Quranic recitation teacher giving a lesson in Egypt; he exemplifies a bit of the call for the prayer.It´s really gorgeous and I´d like you to listen to it.

The recitation of the Quran is an art in itself – it requires training, breathing, voice projection and phrasing awareness, feeling, meaning, soul.

Om Kolthoum, The Voice of the Orient, started her soulful singing training as a little girl, accompanying her father from village to village, reciting the Quran.

In Egypt, I have my favorite “muezzin”. I know the mosques where they call people for the prayer, the best listening spots, the corners where the sound is sharper. Listening to a good “muezzin” can be a sacred experience.

P.S: Being a professional Oriental Dancer means, above everything, being AWAKEN to Beauty in all shapes and forms.

P.S2: I don´t need to be a Muslim to enjoy the treasures in Islam. I may not embrace a religion and still be able to see the beauty in it.

Tip: Opening our hearts, and minds, to diversity is essential if we wish to grow up instead of just growing older.


Log into your facebook account and follow the link (listen to it with your eyes closed):


I´m happy to celebrate my Life with you. I love you, gorgeous.

See you soon at our School or somewhere around the World!

Habibi Ganesha

Lord Ganesha, my favorite Deity, blessing our Paths ❤