NEW Book “Behind the Curtain” by Joana Saahirah is arriving!


Photo: Joana Saahirah performing with Mazzikatea orchestra in Slovenia, captured by the lens of Breda Jurecko.
Event organized by Ksenija Visket


Ah…the anticipation…<3

I can´t wait to have my new book – “Behind the Curtain” -, a collaboration with the Slovenian Photographer Breda Jurecko, out there in the world.

This was an unexpected baby, one I´m deeply proud of. As usual, it comes out of my soul – no compromises, no shutting down, no faking. 


Stay tuned for the NEWS on the upcoming BOOK LAUNCHING!


No, I won´t apologize!


Stillness Magic Breda Photo.jpg

Joana Saahirah with Mazzikatea Europe orchestra photographed by Breda Jurečko during a performance in Slovenia, organized by Ksenija Visket.


No, I won´t apologize.

I won’t apologize for this body – strong, thriving, on fire.
I won’t apologize for this brain – open, curious, ever expanding.
I won’t apologize for this heart – deep, thirsty, fearful & brave.
I won’t apologize for this soul – present, noble, sensual & divine, materialized in everything I do.

No, I won’t apologize.

I won’t apologize for my existence, for taking space or having a voice.

No, I won’t apologize.

I won’t apologize for my freedom, my breath, and my right to lust.

No, I won’t apologize.

I won’t apologize for being alive, and in love, with myself, life, the dark mirrors you reflect upon me.
I won’t apologize for your involution, neither for my evolution.

You say I’m too much. Too provocative. Too intelligent. Too strong. Too sensual. Too creative. Too demanding. Too big.
Too much. Too much. Too much.

I say you’re too little. It’s you who has to grow up – don’t you dare asking the moon to shrink, don’t you dare asking the sun to stop shining.

No, I won’t apologize.”

Joana Saahirah



This text was written in the old Medina of Marrakech, Morocco, after a walk in the “souk”. Catcalling and that old familiar feeling of trespassing were present the whole time.