Joana Saahirah´s interview at NFreads

Me and my first literary baby – “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”
Me and my recently published book – “Behind the Curtain” -, a collaboration with the Slovenian Photographer Breda Jurecko.

It´s known, obvious, and official: I LOVE to talk about creativity, productivity, the art of consistently turning dreams into reality; writing, dancing, choreographing, teaching, growing.

When I received the invitation from NFreads for an interview about my books, the creative process, and what I´ve learned so far about writing, I jumped immediately on that train. Although I´m mostly known as a Dancer, a Choreographer, and a Teacher, Writing and publishing what I write have been a huge part of my career, one that offers me an increasing sense of fulfillment.

Plus, talking about the Creative Process, in dance or in writing, exposing things as they are, free of false glamour or needless b”#$%”t, is my thing. And that´s exactly what I do in this interview.

Dig in. Enjoy. Get inspired.

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Joana Saahirah´s Interview at The Sacred Dance Summit

This is so exciting!
My interview with Leslie Zehr, the creator of The Sacred Dance Summit, is here, fully recorded, for your enjoyment.
We talked about Mysteries, Self-Empowerment, and other essential aspects of Egyptian Dance nobody ever bothers to mention.

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About this interview´s guest (that would be me;) ):

*Joana is a world-renowned dancer, teacher, and choreographer specialized in Egyptian Oriental and Folkloric Dances, actress and author of the book The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond. After almost a decade of life and career in Egypt with her own orchestra—rescuing the ORIGINS and ESSENCE of Egyptian Dance, Joana has created a style (of teaching, choreographing, and performing) that UNITES EAST and WEST; Healing and Art; MIND, HEART, BODY, and SOUL. For the last 5 years, Joana has been a constant presence—as an invited artist, choreographer & teacher—at major International Oriental Dance Festivals. She´s also the founder of Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School, a pioneering school with authentic Egyptian Dance, Self-Discovery & Empowerment. The summit is finished but there will be another one in May 2019.

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Joana Saahirah´s Interview at “Your Creative Fire” Series airs on the 4th June!


Here´s another reason to celebrate: my interview with Jennifer Lakshmi Dove about Egyptian Dance & Creativity airs tomorrow, Monday, the 4th June!

We talked about the fierceness of being an Original, having an ever-expanding Personal Voice, and being our unique self. In dance, as in life.

In order to enjoy the interview, follow the link:

Once you click on the link, the system will lead you to my interview as well as to the interviews of an amazing group of artists, teachers, healers, and visionaries that have explored a myriad of hot topics with Jennifer Dove.
I´m honored to be on this list!

As a bonus GIFT, I´m offering my NEW EBOOK “Welcome to Egyptian Dance Wonderland” to the listeners who request it after accessing the interview.


Feel welcome to listen, comment, and share the interview ❤


Joana Saahirah´s Interview with Jennifer Dove (Your Creative Fire Sessions)


If you´ve met me, personally or through my work, you know how much I love to communicate, exchange ideas, learn & teach. 

When Jennifer  Dove invited me for an Interview about Egyptian Dance & Creativity, one of the many interesting chats she´s sharing in her NEW Your Creative Fire Series, it was a no-brainer: yes, I´ll talk to you about it.

I´ve been doing, teaching, performing, lecturing & living the Essence of Egyptian Dance for almost 20 years in a high profile career that spans from Lebanon, Oman and Egypt, to the whole World. Besides, Creativity is my middle name.

I breathe, eat, & drink creative endeavors as a dancer, a teacher, a choreographer, an author, an entrepreneur, a life creator. 

Dig into this inspiring series of interviews, get inspired, then go out in the world and






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“Your Creative Fire” is a summit master classes, a series of conversations with women and men in the creative and healing arts fields on the subject of Creativity and Intuition. Artists, visual artists, writers, retreat leaders, sexuality coaches, shamans, yoga teachers, business coaches, women’s empowerment leaders, and more, speak about what gets their mojo on.

And, it’s FREE!

 Here are the steps to enjoy “Your Creative Fire” Master Class Series:

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There are 14 speakers in total, each with his/her own vision, experience, & inspirations.

Each video will be available for 72 hours. After all 14 have aired, all videos will again be available for 72 hours, until June 18th.

13907129_10154397606514886_193059075212437078_n The Master Class with Joana Saahirah (that´s me) – about Egyptian Dance & Creativity – airs on June 4th. 

Eye_of_Horus_Right.svgTo know more about this event, & the amazing people involved in it, follow the link:


Originality & Tradition in Oriental Dance: interview with Joana Saahirah of Cairo

Originality and Tradition in Egyptian Dance InterviewOriginality & Tradition in Belly Dance: An Interview with Joana Saahirah of Cairo
Full interview – chat between Mahin Sciacca and Joana Saahirah – available at She´s Got Hips website:

Thanks to Mahin Sciacca for the wonderful interview ❤

Joana Saahirah Interview at Athlone Radio, Ireland

ireland-2017-lower-definition-imageCheck out the interview I gave on International Women´s Day at Athlone Community Radio in Ireland!
Egyptian Dance & Women, in the East and in the West, are the featured subjects.
My dear Terri Dale-Kearney, the organizer of Shakefest and my last workshops in Ireland, also joined the conversation.
Thanks to Catherine Ivers for having us and setting this interesting set of questions.

Here´s the link to access the interview:

P.S: I miss Ireland!

Sitting Salon Charleville bww.JPG

Me, at Charleville Castle, in Tullamore, Ireland, where some of my last workshops took place, photographed by Terri Dale-Kearney also present at the radio interview shared above

Behind the glamour & the glitter

melad_joThe real story of a professional Oriental Dancer in Egypt – behind the glamour and the illusions so many insist on perpetuating.

We cannot love, and really know, Egyptian Dance if we refuse to see it from every angle. There are dark corners in this house – there´s also a huge, bright windown from which, I assure you, we can look directly at the sky.

Follow the link to access the full interview:

Message for Oriental Dancers around the World (by Joana Saahirah)

Fashions – which invariably come and go – don´t move me. I´m moved by what IS, the eternal, the truth. My truth or the way I see truth. 

I´m aware of the difference between QUALITY and QUANTITY. In an age of likes, followers and trend setters – people who decide who´s cool and who´s not, rarely taking quality in consideration -, people will do most anything in order to belong to the groups and the mafias that seem to be on the top; they´ll go naked on the street, not as an intelligent protest for something valuable but to be noticed; they´ll exchange their integrity for promotion, visibility, applause, approval. In that, and other senses, I keep swimming against the current.

Now let´s be clear: I´m not immune to temptations  – I´m human, after all, though my mum insists I´m a hybrid between a Gipsy and an Alien (mums know their children better than anyone else). I also need to pay my bills and grow in my career but sacrificing what I know is right – great, in fact – in order to belong to the sheep flock is something I reject with all my passion.

If, one day, I´m unable to keep my integrity and artistic coherence intact, I´ll drop whatever I´m doing and start afresh in another field. I cannot sell myself – here´s a limitation I´m actually proud of.

In this video, the last part of the interview Candice Frankland did with me in Auckland, New Zealand, you can taste a bit of the truth, the way I see it. I can only hope it resonates with you.



Joana Saahirah in New Zealand Interview

aaainterview poster

Here is a bit of the Magic I shared with New Zealand, last July.

Interview by Candice Frankland, the organizer of the event where I was invited to perform, teach and lecture. I was drinking tea; the interviewer was drinking anything that kept her eyes open (she worked so hard!).

Building a successful, long term career that keeps growing in interesting directions is  much more than what´s on the surface. Rolling with the punches, turning obstacles into (higher) jumping ramps and learning from each experience (eternal student mode) are just a few of the many skills the arts of Egyptian Dance and Life require.

Know more by watching the different parts of the interview:

Joana Saahirah in New Zealand – Interview Part # 2 of 6:

Joana Saahirah in New Zealand – Interview Part # 3 of 6:

Joana Saahirah in New Zealand – Interview Part # 4 of 6:

Joana Saahirah in New Zealand – Interview Part # 5 of 6:

Joana Saahirah in New Zealand – Interview Part # 6 of 6:

Joana Saahirah exclusive interview in Paradise – Part II

What a pleasure to receive Paulo at my home in one of the most gorgeous – and magical – places on earth!

We talked while the sun went down, nature outside, a couple of birds singing in the background. All covered in peace.

The more I achieve in my career, the more I´m aware of what´s truly important: being my full self, happy and grateful, right NOW.

Thanks to Paulo Aranda and Ana Samuel for making this interview (part I + part II) possible. Thanks to Life for guiding me exactly where I need to go, every single day.

Ana Samuel photo 6 black and white.JPG

Me, at home, photographed by Ana Samuel