NEW VIDEO: Joana Saahirah´s Top 3 Tips to Become a more Creative Dancer

There´s no denying: I LOVE delivering goodies, real goodies that can truly upgrade your dance and your life. Here´s one more of those (watch video).

The behind the scenes work on Joana Saahirah´s World continues and I get the chills just thinking about its launching – this June! Evolving can be scary – and surely a lot of work – and, simultaneously, awesome.

Keep tuned for our NEWS ❤

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Joana Saahirah´s interview at NFreads

Me and my first literary baby – “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”
Me and my recently published book – “Behind the Curtain” -, a collaboration with the Slovenian Photographer Breda Jurecko.

It´s known, obvious, and official: I LOVE to talk about creativity, productivity, the art of consistently turning dreams into reality; writing, dancing, choreographing, teaching, growing.

When I received the invitation from NFreads for an interview about my books, the creative process, and what I´ve learned so far about writing, I jumped immediately on that train. Although I´m mostly known as a Dancer, a Choreographer, and a Teacher, Writing and publishing what I write have been a huge part of my career, one that offers me an increasing sense of fulfillment.

Plus, talking about the Creative Process, in dance or in writing, exposing things as they are, free of false glamour or needless b”#$%”t, is my thing. And that´s exactly what I do in this interview.

Dig in. Enjoy. Get inspired.

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The Creative Process by Joana Saahirah

Enjoy this bonus video – “The Creative Process” – offered with the Online Course “Blooming – Finding & Expressing Yourself in Egyptian Dance & in Life” available at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.

For more information on this and other courses available at our school, feel welcome to email us at

Blooming - Finding & Expressing Your Voice Course

Turning Rocks into Diamonds

There´s nothing more inspiring, or challenging, as LIFE. This is our biggest work of art, our biggest lesson, our graduation.

I watch, as the movie rolls – from me, around me -, with the awe of a newborn child. No school, university, teacher can reach the ankles of this Master, the only real Master, called life.


Today, I tried to start a class at my school – Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School – and the system failed. Again. I couldn´t start the class. It was exasperating.

I´m known for my professionalism, work ethic, and self-discipline. Naturally, I freak out when things go down the drain, despite my best efforts. It wasn´t the first time the system had failed. Chasing the “perfect internet” has been a thing since I´ve arrived to Bali. This class, already a rescheduled session, couldn´t happen.

Instead of feeling stressed, and frustrated, I took the high road: I took a deep breath and searched for constructive solutions.

We cannot control reality, independently of our desire to do so;

We cannot control life, its blessings, shocks, synchronicities, jokes, pleasantness and unpleasantness. Its beauty and its ugliness.

As far as I can see, we´re not The Creators of our Lives – we´re the CO-CREATORS. That means we have a partner, the most powerful of them all (LIFE), to deal with.

Although Life´s plan doesn´t always agree with our plan, I´ve learned – through trials and tribulations which I ended up calling “diamonds shaped out of rocks” – we can make the best out of practically everything that comes our way.

I´m not dismissing the unsolvable tragedies, the things we cannot fix – the death of a loved one, a disease that takes away our life quality, a loss so great we cannot manage to lick the wound and go on with a relatively healthy mental state.

Living provides daily opportunities to develop the skill of ADAPTATION and even GRATITUDE for things we didn´t plan, didn´t desire, wished didn´t happen. Instead of working so hard to plan, control, and judge reality, the idea is to EMBRACE what is right now, without judgment, and work with it to the best of our abilities. 

You know how it goes: when life gives you lemons…


In Dance, as in Life, what matters the most is “how well you walk through fire” (Bukowski). How well you deal with the things you cannot change – are you able of turning rocks into diamonds?

Embrace the Fire. Make it Your Own. Let it lighten your path. Kiss it on the mouth.

Make the best of it.

Right now.





What it means to be FREE (in Egyptian Dance, as in Life)

Creativity & Freedom in Egyptian Dance as in Life Blooming

There´s a brand NEW pioneering Online Course starting, soon, at

Joana Saahirah’s Online Dance School​:

In this online course, we´ll learn a complete Tabla Solo which will remind you of the true meaning of Creativity & Freedom. In Egyptian Dance, for sure, but, most importantly, in Life.

What does it mean to be a CREATIVE person?
What does it mean to be FREE?
Are we really* the authors of our own identity, dance, and life or are we following the crowds, often ending up frustrated, empty, lost from our own identity, purpose, and soul?

We don´t do shallow stuff at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School. We do authentic dance, art, awakening, love, empowerment towards a truly shining experience – in dance, as in life.

I hope you join us for this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G adventure. There´s a promotional/launching price valid for the next days ONLY. Follow the link for more information and allow yourself to grow, and shine, your own light:

In this video: Joana Saahirah (mad) Tabla Solo at Dahab Festival 2017 Festival organized by Tara Tarazade.

Giving birth to a Shining Star

24909644_1890683717622163_3572030771253175133_n ✨💛♥️✨
And…push, push, push!


Creating – a dance piece, a painting, a child, a new professional or personal project, ourselves & the life of our dreams – can be a challenge.

If it comes from your gut, and it should come from there, you must be prepared for the trials, the doubts, the lost & found moments, the risks, the uncertainty, the blood & the sweat involved in the birth process. You gotta be able to go down and dirty so you can rise up & flourish. When in doubt, observe the LOTUS FLOWER.




Most of us want the flower, fully bloomed, but we’d rather not plant the seed, water, protect, and take care of it. I have NEWS for you (and me): that’s not how Creativity – in dance, as in life – works. We gotta to open ourselves, allow the seeds to settle in our heart, get our hands dirty and wet; we gotta do the work and howl at the moon. In order to create life, we have to embrace life with all its colours.

Are you ready to give birth to your own star? ✨🌸💛

Lotus FlowerFollow the link for more information on our NEW Online Course “Creativity & Freedom in Egyptian Dance & in Life”


Joana Saahirah´s Interview at “Your Creative Fire” Series airs on the 4th June!


Here´s another reason to celebrate: my interview with Jennifer Lakshmi Dove about Egyptian Dance & Creativity airs tomorrow, Monday, the 4th June!

We talked about the fierceness of being an Original, having an ever-expanding Personal Voice, and being our unique self. In dance, as in life.

In order to enjoy the interview, follow the link:

Once you click on the link, the system will lead you to my interview as well as to the interviews of an amazing group of artists, teachers, healers, and visionaries that have explored a myriad of hot topics with Jennifer Dove.
I´m honored to be on this list!

As a bonus GIFT, I´m offering my NEW EBOOK “Welcome to Egyptian Dance Wonderland” to the listeners who request it after accessing the interview.


Feel welcome to listen, comment, and share the interview ❤


Joana Saahirah´s Interview with Jennifer Dove (Your Creative Fire Sessions)


If you´ve met me, personally or through my work, you know how much I love to communicate, exchange ideas, learn & teach. 

When Jennifer  Dove invited me for an Interview about Egyptian Dance & Creativity, one of the many interesting chats she´s sharing in her NEW Your Creative Fire Series, it was a no-brainer: yes, I´ll talk to you about it.

I´ve been doing, teaching, performing, lecturing & living the Essence of Egyptian Dance for almost 20 years in a high profile career that spans from Lebanon, Oman and Egypt, to the whole World. Besides, Creativity is my middle name.

I breathe, eat, & drink creative endeavors as a dancer, a teacher, a choreographer, an author, an entrepreneur, a life creator. 

Dig into this inspiring series of interviews, get inspired, then go out in the world and






Join me, Jennifer Dove, & a group of amazing artists, teachers, & entrepreneurs, for a series of FREE MASTER CLASSES called “Your Creative Fire”!

“Your Creative Fire” is a summit master classes, a series of conversations with women and men in the creative and healing arts fields on the subject of Creativity and Intuition. Artists, visual artists, writers, retreat leaders, sexuality coaches, shamans, yoga teachers, business coaches, women’s empowerment leaders, and more, speak about what gets their mojo on.

And, it’s FREE!

 Here are the steps to enjoy “Your Creative Fire” Master Class Series:

1. To access Joana Saahirah´s Master Class, as well as the Master Classes available at this amazing series, follow the link

  1. Fill in their name and email address and click “get access.”
    And, you´re in!

Starting on May 28th, one video/master class per day will be sent to your email.

There are 14 speakers in total, each with his/her own vision, experience, & inspirations.

Each video will be available for 72 hours. After all 14 have aired, all videos will again be available for 72 hours, until June 18th.

13907129_10154397606514886_193059075212437078_n The Master Class with Joana Saahirah (that´s me) – about Egyptian Dance & Creativity – airs on June 4th. 

Eye_of_Horus_Right.svgTo know more about this event, & the amazing people involved in it, follow the link:


NEW Online Course “Egyptian Dance ABC & Creative Awakening – Level 4 (Upper Body)

Egyptian Dance ABC & Creative Awakening - Level 4 Upper Body Magic

Life, as Egyptian Dance, is a dynamic adventure.

We may plan, try to control, & understand it, but Life always wins over our private agendas.

Our NEW course – Egyptian Dance ABC & Creative Awakening – Level 4 (Upper Body) – was not in my plans, at least not for now, but it started haunting me, demanding to be heard, created, shared. And I followed The Call, as I always do.

Once I put my hands into it, I realized this was the missing element in Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School 1-year anniversary.


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The Upper Body, the core of this Course, is the place that carries OUR HEART.

The Lower body represents our connection to the earth, the instinct, the moon, the Mother. The Upper body represents our connection to the sky, the spirit, the sun, the Father.

I suddenly realized this course made perfect sense – it had to happen in the month when our school celebrates its first year of existence. We stand by Unity, Wholeness, bringing the pieces – body, mind, heart, & soul – together. 

Of course, this course has to happen!


What will you find in this online – live & recorded – course?

  1. You´ll have access to 6 live classes – scheduled in our school – which will also be recorded. If you miss the live classes, you´ll have access to the correspondent class recordings for at least 6 months after the live classes have taken place.
  2. You´ll receive TECHNIQUE, & DANCE COMBOS focused on the UPPER BODY which is also one of the centers of Egyptian Dance, & its connection with the LOWER BODY technique. Torso, chest, shoulders, head, arms & hands will be at the forefront of this course.
  3. You´ll receive BONUS MATERIAL that goes beyond the regular “bellydance” learning resources.
  4. You´ll receive the tools, & empowerment, to explore your CREATIVITY & IDENTITY.
  5. You´ll be able to enjoy a PROMOTIONAL/LAUNCHING PRICE ($65) valid until the 22th May 2018. After that date, the course will remain available for its original price ($79).
  6. If you join us for the first live class, and you feel this course is not for you, you can ask for a FULL REFUND on that same day and I assure you´ll have your request satisfied. 

Egyptian Dance ABC & Creative Awakening - Level 4.jpg

How can you subscribe & take full advantage of the promotional/launching price?

  1. Log into your Powhow´s account. If you don´t have an account, create one (all you need is your email & a password you create on the spot).
  2. Go to the SEARCH BOX and type Egyptian Dance ABC Level 4 or follow the link:
  3. The system will lead you from that point on.

Let´s rock!


The Fear of Ridiculous & The Happy Monkey by Joana Saahirah


The Fear of Ridiculous & The Happy Monkey Exercise by Joana Saahirah.

Video dedicated to my students at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School; part of the bonus material offered with “Tabla Solo Discovery Journey – Level 1” Online, Recorded, Training available at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.
Follow the link for more information: