Joana Saahirah Majance (Entrance on Stage) Choreography – Online Special Training

Joana Saahirah Majance Choreography Online TrainingWelcome to Joana Saahirah Majance (Entrance on Stage) Choreography Online Training.

You´ll learn a ground breaking piece that gathers authentic Egyptian Style, as Joana has recover it in many years of career in Egypt, Classic & Modern influences.

The music used in this Training is Joana Around the World, an original musical piece composed for Joana´s show, in Egypt, by Hossam Shaker. You´ll learn the choreography, with inner & outer space exploration, musicality, feeling & an incredible richness of Classic & Modern Egyptian Dance plus Folkloric styles included in the choreography.

Raks My World 2018Also: you´ll be able to be featured in Raks My World Documentary by Joana Saahirah, if you want to.

All you have to do is to film yourself, by the end of the training, doing the choreography you´ve learned and send us the video. You may also want to include your answer to the question: WHAT IS EGYPTIAN DANCE? and send us the video, as well. High quality videos are encouraged. The best dance pieces, as well as the best answers to the question “What is Egyptian Dance?” will be included in the documentary.

Follow the link for more information on this special Training:

Important note: our online courses are live (they happen, at the scheduled day & time, face to face with the students who are invited to share their questions with the teacher, via chatbox, during the class) and recorded.

Once a live class has happened, its recording remains available in the VIDEOS section of our school. Once you subscribe to a class, or class package, you´ll have access to the class recordings, and the bonus material offered with them, for unlimited time.

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Saiidi & Peasant (Fellahin) Madness in Poland

Teaching is empowering, inspiring, educating beyond steps & moves and, most of all, giving. If you´re not able, and willing, to give it all you´ve got  to your students – knowledge, strength, experience, insight, faith -, you shouldn´t teach. Period.

Having said it, or repeated it, I´ll leave you with this mean Saiidi choreography with a taste of Peasant (Fellahin) spices in it. Sequence taught in Poland, at Orient Addicts Festival.


aaateaching 2

Sneak peek at The Secrets* in Poland

A full month of non stop travelling for work; several countries covered; different groups of dancers and students; meetings with strangers and new friends in Dublin, Tullamore, Malaga, Warsaw; love affairs & phantasies; new dreams on the rise; airports, bags, jet-lag, the guilt for not being able to work on my book while on the road; the joy of it all.

Here´s a video – above – with a sneak peek into The Secrets of Egyptian Dance Workshop I taught in Spain, Ireland and Poland. The music is called Baladi Nostalgy by Ilahun orchestra. There´s so much I could say about it but I´ll leave comments aside, for now. Just enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating and teaching it.

For now, I´m leaving you with some tips I´ve gathered along the road:

  1. Trying to achieve perfection, whatever that means. I can only thrive for growth and totality: putting everything I am into what I do. More than that it´s an illusion. A frustrating one.
  2. The idea that happiness means “having it all”. It´s another impossible goal. If you´re in China, you cannot be in Spain. Not at the same  time. If you choose the right path, the left remains unexplored; if you dedicate your time to your children, your creative achievements, charity, travelling, (fill the blank space with your priority), you won´t dedicate it to something, or someone, else. Choosing is losing. We choose something in detriment of something else. I´ve made peace with losing a path over another, knowing I always do what my heart´s calling for.
  3. Stop judging people. Yes, there are arseholes – no doubt; I´ve met a few. But most of us are doing the best we know. If we knew better, we´d do better. Dealing with other human beings, and their flaws, is another way to become more human. Hard but possible.
  4. Enjoy every single moment even if the present doesn´t seem particularly exciting to you. Having coffee at the airport (overpriced, crappy coffee), for instance, can be awesome. Meeting a friend for lunch. Enjoying success after you´ve worked hard for something. Kissing a loved one. Reading a line of a great book. And the list goes on. Appreciation, people! Life´s short and oh so fleeting ❤
aaateaching 3

Teaching in Warsaw, Poland, at Orient Addicts Festival

The tip of the iceberg

17218668_1501949866495552_1550312680342670216_oWorking in the dance studio, the place where the magic starts to happen, a laboratory for trials, failures and achievements nobody, except me, witnesses. This is where I feel tired – many years thriving for excellence and working, under pressure, non stop – and reborn. The intimate space where I can be a beginner. All over again.

A dancer is what the public sees but, mostly, what it never gets to see. The tip of the iceberg, under water, may be messy and often frustrating but it´s the beginning of everything.
Returning to the studio, day after day, humbles me & reminds me why I started studying dance, at 5 years old, in the first place.

Essence is more important than appearance – the mirrors in my dance studio know it well.

Magic backstage.JPG

Going where it hurts

Working Up.JPGImprovisation has always been my thing, my comfort zone, my nature. It was Mahmoud Reda, The Father of Egyptian Folklore and my best friend, who insisted I started doing it. And taking it seriously.
-I can´t do it, Mahmoud. It bores me to death. I´m an improviser. – I´d tell him, like a baby.
-You CAN do it. And it will make you a better improviser. – He´d answer, holding his cup of tea, watching me go crazy, fighting with a musical phrase and my crumbling certainties.
At first, I did it for him; then, just for my own practice; after, when students from all over the world started to reach out to study with me, I´d choreograph for them.
Only recently, I´ve started to choreograph for myself, for pleasure as much as for work and personal growth.
It´s still out of my comfort zone. I hate it, at times, mostly when results are not up my expectations. But that´s exactly why I keep doing it: crashing walls, facing limits and expanding precisely on the spots I thought I´d fall.
Never underestimate the power of DOING. No need for perfection, if such thing existed (it doesn´t). You just gotta DO IT.
Photos: me, doing it, in one of my dance studios.

Morning Dance in Coney Island, New

What a strange, exhausting and gorgeous morning (yes, you can have them all in one single shot)!

Me and Samer Ibrahim, the talented eye behind this video, headed for the beach, in Coney Island, New York, on a sunny Autumn morning. This was my 3rd USA TOUR and New York was one of my usual stops.

Later, we set sail to a garden in Brooklyn, the perfect running spot (this is runner in me talking), where the shadows kept chasing us, turning our video shooting into a marathon (runner´s mind working, again) against the darkness.

A man with a funny accent – well, I also have a funny accent: a mix of Portuguese, Spanish, English and Arabic, the languages I speak on my daily life – kept interrupting us, yelling at me:

-Dance with your heart. Your hhhheeaaarrtt!

Sure, gentleman. I´ll do my best.

I was bloated, tired from my recent transatlantic flight and trying to remember the whole choreography (I´d created it to teach in Portland, Oregon). Before we shot the video you can see over here, I danced in the sand for a couple of hours, learning that sand and dance do NOT match, unless your goal is to earn yourself a twisted ankle.

I was clearly tired, out of the mood and hurting. My muscles were frozen from the continuous effort of trying* to dance on the sand without falling on my derrière; the wood I was stepping on was sizzling hot, burning the sole of my feet and making me pray for a quick wrap. Nonetheless, there are moments of freedom & pleasure in the video.

I love the result, despite everything. Because of everything.

It´s imperfect due to the several obstacles we had to face that morning – the theme of limitations is on the table, lately, BIG TIME – but it´s real. And I´ll take real over (the illusion of) perfect any time.


“Enta Omri” choreography by Joana Saahirah

Choreography taught in different countries.

Music: “Enta Omri” by Om Kolthoum, composed by the genius Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

Video shot at my doorstep, literally. Only Beauty, Art and Love allowed ❤


To watch the introduction to this choreography/theme, feel welcome to follow this link:

Souvenir from Portland, Oregon, USA!

It´s a cliché, I know, but that doesn´t stop me from feeling it: time is flying so fast I can hardly breathe. It´s like sand slipping through my -overscheduled – hands.

Am I busier, more engaged or in love with life to the point of exhaustion? Am I juggling too may balls and feeling the burden of my own skills and dreams? Has our world gone even madder than it has always been (and it has always been a mad world) and I´m running in the naif attempt to catch up with it?

I don´t have the answer to any of those  questions.

What I know is a bit of what I share in this video: a piece of the magic we lived in Portland, Oregon, USA, at the end of October. Dance. Mentality shift. Heart awakening. And then some.

For me, success is quality. Quality work, people and life. Appreciation, applause and  public acceptance is a pleasant consequence, as essential to the artist´s survival as inspiration, stamina and discipline. (And coffee). But, make no mistake, that´s all it is: a consequence.

Grateful for the causes and consequences; for the abundance of joys, opportunities, love, health, inspiration and friendships that nourish my soul. Everything else  is left behind.

Perhaps I don´t need to grab time with my hands. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (flow).


Baladi Souvenir from Portland, USA!

First souvenir from Portland, Oregon, USA.

Joana Saahirah of Cairo in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Workshops with different styles – Oriental and Folkloric Egyptian Dances -, show and lecture.
Event organized by Heather Henna Louise

Another opportunity to share authentic Egyptian Dance – Oriental & Folkloric – and a chance to open people´s minds, hearts and souls.
What Egyptian Dance – as an art form, not as an exotic gymnastic – proposes is nothing less than a MENTALITY SHIFT: from the exterior to the interior; from appearances to the essence; from the visible to the invisible; from the accessory to the essential; from the material to the soul.

The World is ready for rEVOLUTION.


Om Kolthoum kicks my a#%&. Again.

12099_4894638841915_12739554_n.jpgOm Kolthoum always kicks my a#%&$%.
It doesn´t matter how many times I´ve performed it, choreographed it and taught it. She manages to challenge me beyond everything I´ve ever heard.

It´s the quality of the music, the orchestration, the musicians, the poetry and the interpretations. She had the crème de la crème of the artists of her time working with her and a Government who supported her as much as she supported it. But there´s more.

It was her. Her presence, her voice, her soul whispered in every word. Tarab – ecstasy – in each note. She makes it impossible for a dancer to say/move anything less than authentic, raw, honest life. No babbling allowed, no mam. She demands you step up your game and play with her, on her level – the level of the best music ever produced on earth. Only Johann Sebastian Bach, in my opinion, can compete with her but I know he wouldn´t be interested in a competition. The same thing can´t be said of Om Kolthoum. She would compete.

And win.

The “fellaha” (peasant) who grew up reciting the Quran; the girl who turned into a lady with a rich, emotional, secret life that transpires in her songs; the fairly called Voice of Egypt. I´m a self-professed lover of Om Kolthoum. I´m also her eternal student.

“Siret il hob” is on the menu for Portland, Oregon, USA.
Highly emotional contents on the way.



In this video: me, performing “Awet´aeny” by Om Kolthoum with my orchestra in Cairo, Egypt.