Tabla Fire in Alaska!

12341078_10153765227214886_3283856550368438358_n.jpgJoana Saahirah & Issam Houshan creating Magic* in Alaska, USA.

One thing´s for sure: I´m spoiled. I´ve worked with the best musicians, hand picked by me, for 8 years in Egypt. I refused manager made orchestras and made sure I, and no one else, orchestrated my musicians.

The “taabal” (percussionist who plays the “tabla”) who accompanied me during the last 4 years of my work in Egypt was the best I´ve ever head in my life. Simply, utterly, unquestionably the best. He also believed I was the best and he behaved, at work and outside of it, according to that belief. It´s not easy then to find that kind of quality and mutual respect around the world. Most orchestras are amateur, incomplete and shocked at the sight of a dancer who actually knows about Egyptian music and how things should be done on stage. There are exceptions – here´s one of them: Issam Houshan.

Me and Issam Houshan had never met; we made no rehearsal and had no idea what would happen during the show. But we trusted each other, art and the magic of the moment. Here´s the result: pure fire, passion and fierce Living. With a capital L.

Wonderful memories from a wonderful trip to my beloved Alaska.

 Thanks to Shawnie Anderson and Grace Ann Cerny-Pierce who made it all happen. Thanks to Issam Houshan for the wonderful partnership and professionalism. Thanks to every student, audience member and supporter who joined this magical weekend.

Walk(dance) the talk


Image captured during the show in Alaska, USA

You gotta walk (dance) the talk. Or shut up.

I am what I dance and I dance what I speak and write about. It  would make no sense to preach something while doing something else.

If you´ve been following my work, you´ve heard me talking about feeling, interpretation, presence, Egyptian Dance as a Sacred Language, one that speaks from the soul to the soul. You know that, for me, performing is not about showing off, exhibiting how much I know or how many tricks I carry under my belt. It´s about creating a human experience which can be felt by everyone who witness it.

How much have you heard me saying about authentic Egyptian Dance? Well, watch this video and you´ll have the answer.

This video is a part of the show included in the event “What if…” organized in Anchorage, Alaska, USA by Shawnie Anderson and Grace Ann Cerny-Pierce

Thanks to the organizers and everyone who made it possible – students, audience members and supporters.


Joana Saahirah back to Alaska (14,15th November)*


What if some places were magical doors that lead us directly to heaven?

What if Egyptian Dance was not a series of empty “exotic” contortions “cirque du soleil” style and was instead a sacred language that can set us free?

What if all we dreamt of became reality? Would we be happy – finally, utterly happy?

Some places grab us by the heart – those open channels, God may know why & how, where it´s easier to fly. Anchorage, Alaska, is one of them. I know it because words fail when I try to describe it.

It´s with great joy and excitement I announce my return to Alaska (save the dates: 14,15th November). Back home; back to the wild nature I never left behind. NEW chapter ahead. Happy bunny 🙂

More infos soon!


Unexpected gifts in Anchorage, Alaska*

1234606_10152777755204886_4612294013692029531_nThings are rarely what they seem and surprises (great and not so pleasant) show up on every corner, teaching us not to take life for granted.

After days of intense work in Anchorage, Alaska (teaching, performing and presenting my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” in a festival organized by Rabia Duddey), I was rescued by two special ladies who offered me heaven on a plate: Bobbie Stanley and Grace Ann. These two angel ladies took me away for one day that felt like sweet eternity: we digged into Alaska incredible beauty and breathed that fresh air in, renewing all that was dying and enjoying the moment. Wonder*ful cliché: enjoying the moment (in one of the most gorgeous natural landscapes I´ve ever seen).

Life brings us exactly what (and whom) we need at the perfect timing (although we may not see it) – some teach us hard lessons (they´re also our Masters) and others caress our hearts and heal them along the way. Images can speak louder than words. Enjoy the trip (thanks to my angels*, Bobbie and Grace Ann, for this magical journey):

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See you soon, Magical Alaska*

Joana Saahirah in Alaska (USA) 10,11,12th October!

Alaska new poster two

Rocking Alaska with the Magic of Oriental Dance*

Ready for an amazing* time in Alaska (seems it´s going to snow for real over there – go figure! 😉 ): workshops of several juicy themes (that will change the way you see Oriental Dance and yourself), an amazing show and Book Launching/Lecture/Open talk: the magic of “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond“.

Ready for the best & bringing the best. For more informations, contact the sponsor of the event: Rabia Gultekin Duddy (you can find her on Facebook) or myself (via email:


“The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” and its proud author*

unnamed (2)

Bringing back the Soul* of Oriental Dance to the world********************

Joana Saahirah of Cairo & the Book “The Secrets of Egypt” in Alaska (10,11,12th October)

Alaska new poster two

Another reason to smile and believe the whole Journey hasn´t been in vain. From Egypt to the world – indeed.

Honoured – then again – to share my Vision of Oriental and Folkloric Dances with Alaska this October (10,11,12th October).

Workshops with delicious themes, “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” book presentation (with a thought provoking, soul and eye opener OPEN TALK with the audience participation) and a show you won´t forget. Check out the program via the link:


Joana Saahirah of Cairo – from Egypt to the World*********************

From Egypt to the World – Bringing back the Soul of Oriental Dance*

Image by Lubov Fel (dear student from Russia)

Joana Saahirah, Professional Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer (specialized in Egyptian Oriental and Folkloric Dances), Actress and Writer. One of the most well known, respected and original Oriental Dancers in the World nowadays.

After almost a decade of Life and Career in Egypt with her own orchestra – rescuing the ORIGINS and ESSENCE of Egyptian Oriental and Folkloric Dance – Joana Saahirah has created a Style (of teaching, choreographing and performing) that UNITES EAST and WEST; the best of Egypt and the best of western open and free mind; technique and expression; healing and Art; the MIND and the HEART, the BODY and the SOUL.

She has also studied and worked (as a choreography and teaching assistant) to Master Mahmoud Reda from whom she learnt all Egyptian Folkloric Styles.

Joana has recovered the SOUL of Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore and it´s her Dream and Mission to share it with the world revealing the true richness and ancient knowledge hidden in this art form.

Joana has written several articles for newspapers and magazines (about Egyptian culture, music and dance) and two BOOKS about The Magic of Egyptian Oriental Dance and her Paths of Discovery in the land of the Pyramids. One of these books – “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” has been published this January. Another one will be published this Summer.

She has also been invited to teach and perform all over the world with a constant blessed applause and the transformation of thousands of Dancers who are touched by her Vision of Oriental Dance***.

***For a glimpse of Joana Saahirah´s Life in Egypt, please check the link:

***Updates on her published book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” on its oficial Facebook Fan Page: