Creativity & Freedom in Egyptian Dance & in Life – Introduction NEW Online Course

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The purpose of Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School was clear from the start.

My goal was – still is – to deliver authentic Egyptian Dance, to empower & awaken YOU to YOUR true potential. In your dance, as in your life.

Lotus FlowerIn our NEW course, Creativity & Freedom in Egyptian Dance & in Life from the seed to the birth, the second of a Series of Special Thematic Courses that gather Egyptian Dance Technique & Choreography with Self-Awakening & Empowerment (we work on creating your best self, your best dance, and your best life), we´ll go through:


2. We´ll identify and work on THE MAIN CREATIVE BLOCKS DANCERS FACE when they decide to start creating their own DANCE STYLE, THEMSELVES, and THEIR DREAM LIFE.


4. We´ll build an original TABLA SOLO choreography; we´ll work on the DANCE TECHNIQUE included in that choreography. We´ll work on CREATIVE FREEDOM based on this particular choreography, one that mixes Cairo style moves with out of the box, unexpected, super sensual movements that will awaken YOUR originality.

5.  We´ll have an entire module dedicated to MUSICALITY – how to listen, use, and co-create with the music. Structure, phrasing, details; composition, orchestration, and interpretation.

6. You´ll have an entire module dedicated to FREEDOM – how to become FREE in your dance and in your dance to be, and dance, your REAL, AUTHENTIC, FANTASTIC self.

7. WE´ll introduce YOU TO YOUR OWN DANCE & LIFE DESIGN. How to create your own Dance Style, Identity, & the Life you dream about.


Another Course – focused on Manifestation – will be offered right after this one. Stay tuned!

Lotus FlowerWhat you´ll RECEIVE when you subscribe to this pioneering course:

1. You´ll have access to 9 live, and recorded, classes with the total length of 12 hours of high standard training. You can join us live, for each class, or access the class recordings for as long as our school exists. You can view, and review, each class in your own pace.

2. Original, dance & life shaking, BONUS MATERIAL – articles, videos, music, images – created for this course in order to enlighten and empower you even further on this MAGICAL JOURNEY.

3. Feed-back from Joana Saahirah on several exercises – you´ll receive tips on how to improve based on your particular case.

4. You´ll have access to a SPECIAL FACEBOOK LIVE CHAT where you´ll be able to share your comments, questions, and requests for the course. If you cannot join the LIVE CHAT, you can send your requests/comments/questions in advance, via email, and they´ll be answered during the live chat.

5. You´ll have access to a POSITIVE, LOVING, FASCINATING DANCE COMMUNITY that is focused on EVOLUTION – I must say it out loud: our students are the best!

6. You´ll receive dance and life changing material that can indeed EMPOWER YOU TO BE, DANCE, AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.


Lotus FlowerWhat´s the INVESTMENT you´ll do in this Course?

Special, PROMOTIONAL, price (valid from the 21st June until the 28th June 2018): $98

The REAL price of the Course is (valid from the 29th June 2018 on; this course will not be available on any of the future promotions our school may offer – the original price will be applied from the 28th June on): $240

Lotus FlowerWill you be able to request a REFUND if this course is not for you?

Yes, until the 3rd LIVE CLASS.

You can join us, live, or access the first 3 recorded classes, when they happen. If, by class #3, you feel this course won´t change the way you dance, see yourself and live, all you got to do is to send us a REFUND REQUEST and you´ll receive it immediately.

Lotus FlowerHere ´s what you can do to subscribe:

1.Go to and LOG IN with your email & password.

If you don´t have a Powhow account yet, you can create it by introducing your email and a password of your choice.

2. Go to the SEARCH BOX and write the name of the course you wish to purchase. The system will lead you through from there. Or Log into your Powhow account and copy-paste the following link:

3. From the moment we start our live classes (check the schedule at the school), you can join us or/and enjoy the class recordings for as long as our school exists (we plan on existing for a really long time!).

4. If you need assistance regarding the contents of the course, or courses, you´ve subscribed to, send an email to

If you need technical assistance, contact Powhow´s team at

Are YOU ready to give birth to YOUR star?






The birthday girl offers GIFTs to her students at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School

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Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School is an extension of who I am; a part of my heart. Everything I do, from my career in Egypt, then around the world, to my published writings and videos, comes from The Soul.

Therefore, I´ll celebrate my birthday – the 13th June – with you.

For a super limited time – valid for only 2 days – I´m offering you a discount that has never happened before and it´ll never happen again.

A crazy 20% discount on ALL our Class Packages, except “Enta Omri, a Journey of Soulful Egyptian Dance & Self-Love” (this course will not be under any promotion).
Take full advantage of it BEFORE the promo code expires 😉

Use this PROMO DISCOUNT: Joana Saahirah Birthday Special Gift Discount.

The Muezzin by Gean Leon Gerome

The Muezzin by Jean-Leon Gerome

Aside from this EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT, I´d like to share an unsual JEWEL with you – a Quranic recitation teacher giving a lesson in Egypt; he exemplifies a bit of the call for the prayer.It´s really gorgeous and I´d like you to listen to it.

The recitation of the Quran is an art in itself – it requires training, breathing, voice projection and phrasing awareness, feeling, meaning, soul.

Om Kolthoum, The Voice of the Orient, started her soulful singing training as a little girl, accompanying her father from village to village, reciting the Quran.

In Egypt, I have my favorite “muezzin”. I know the mosques where they call people for the prayer, the best listening spots, the corners where the sound is sharper. Listening to a good “muezzin” can be a sacred experience.

P.S: Being a professional Oriental Dancer means, above everything, being AWAKEN to Beauty in all shapes and forms.

P.S2: I don´t need to be a Muslim to enjoy the treasures in Islam. I may not embrace a religion and still be able to see the beauty in it.

Tip: Opening our hearts, and minds, to diversity is essential if we wish to grow up instead of just growing older.


Log into your facebook account and follow the link (listen to it with your eyes closed):


I´m happy to celebrate my Life with you. I love you, gorgeous.

See you soon at our School or somewhere around the World!

Habibi Ganesha

Lord Ganesha, my favorite Deity, blessing our Paths ❤

The Ballroom (Shall We Dance?)

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A new morning, fresh and generously damp, is upon Bali. Another big celebration is keeping the streets empty and the temples beaming with colors, life, rituals performed for so long time itself has forgotten when they´ve started.

I´ve arrived two days ago, after traveling for two days, and I haven´t stopped a second. Not physically, not mentally, certainly not emotionally. Much less spirituality.

Part of me is scared – our brains don´t like insecurity, we don´t like insecurity, the world tells us we shouldn´t like insecurity. Not knowing. Stepping on foreign ground – truly foreign, wild. Why would someone put her/himself through that?

They wouldn´t (most people don´t), unless they´re aware Life´s too short for small minds, small dreams, small hearts.

This is perhaps what it feels to be alive – out of the comfort zone, raw & open, our chest courageously open towards the wilderness: a mix of adrenaline, fear, excitement, moments of “why do I keep putting myself in these pickles?!” with moments of “Oh, God! I love myself and my life so much. I´m proud of myself for growing continuously”.

Moving to a faraway, exotic, country isn´t new to me. I´ve lived, and worked, in Spain, Lebanon, and Egypt. I´ve also traveled the world, consistently, for work in the last 5 years, dealing with people from varied cultures, educational backgrounds, perspectives.

None of that protects me from being human. Each adventure is new – the 40th leap of faith is as scary as the 1st. The risk of getting disappointed, hurt, open to failure and success; the possibility of not being able to adapt, love, engage; the possibilities for disaster and bliss are there, fresh out of the oven, as they were the first time we went out of our comfortable zone. 

I don´t think everybody should follow their dreams, the same way I don´t think everybody should avoid television, meat, gossip, self-hatred; a wide set of stuff I dislike.

I don´t even think everybody should live their fullest, brightest, life.

I do think everybody´s free to CHOOSE what they wish to do. Or not to do. Even if that means they´ll choose apathy, cowardice, fear, laziness, remaining in their comfort zone, not going for what they love, not fulfilling their purpose.

This is our biggest blessing and/or our doom: FREE WILL. WE GET TO CHOOSE who we want to be and how our lives are going to unfold. 

At our pioneering Online Course “Enta Omri, a Journey of Soulful Egyptian Dance & Self-Love”, I taught a module on Co-creation. In that module, I called Life our biggest, and most faithful, “Dance Partner”. And that´s how I see it: 

We´re all in a ballroom. Our lives are handing their hand to us, inviting us to dance. We check the dance floor – wet, slippery, dangerous; with holes that lead God knows where, weird corners, dark spots we cannot see in detail. 


Most of us will bow our head and decline Life´s Invitation:

-Nah! I´ll pass. My feet are hurting.

Some, perhaps the crazy ones, will say yes with shaking legs; they´ll allow Life to take them to the dance floor. They´ll be lead and they´ll lead.

That´s the thing about accepting Life´s invitation: WE GET TO LEAD AS MUCH AS WE ARE LEAD.

The ones who stay on the sideways, complaining about their feet, are not lead and are certainly not leading. They´re stuck to the ballroom walls, watching Life go by, whirling-whirling-whirling with the ones who don´t mind falling, or breaking a leg thanks to the slippery floor. They´ll criticize them for falling, for making mistakes, for daring:

-Ah, how do they dare!

They´ll probably not know despair, the fear of the unknown, the risks; they´ll also not know what it means to be alive. Fully, unsafely, passionately alive.

Sooner than later, they´ll watch as their feet get stuck to the floor, their muscles become frozen, and their brains dead before time.

Yes, it´s a choice. Living or dying before time. Watching life go by or DANCING WITH IT – ALLOWING IT TO LEAD YOU WHILE LEADING IT YOURSELF. Wherever you end up, in this case, will be a good place. The Dance always takes you where you´re supposed to be.


One of the many religious celebrations that parade in the streets of Bali on a practically daily basis.


“I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel’s sake.
The great affair is to move.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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Dig in, and explore, the treasure ark of Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.
Our School stands for a SOULful Dance & a SOULful Life; we promise, & deliver, authentic Egyptian Dance, Self-Discovery & Empowerment.
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What our students say about our Online Course “Enta Omri, a Journey of Soulful Egyptian Dance & Self-Love”

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We´ve wrapped the live classes of the Course that celebrated Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School 1st anniversary and, now, you can subscribe to the RECORDED COURSE, available at our school, and enjoy a Dance & Personal Journey that has the power to change YOU, YOUR DANCE, and YOUR LIFE.

WARNING: If you subscribe to “Enta Omri, a Journey of Soulful Egyptian Dance & Self-Love”, there´s a serious risk of growth in every area of your existence.


Check out the TESTIMONIALS some of our amazing students wrote about “Enta Omri, a Journey of Soulful Egyptian Dance & Self-Love”.

 I´ll also add, with pride and gratitude, the classes in this course deserved a 5 stars rating from our all our students.

Just sayin´…
Thank you to the students who took the time, and the love, to share their feedback on the course. Much appreciated.



“The best course ever! Joana taught us many valuable things, thank you Joana!”
“Dear Joana Saahirah, I am speechless,
how an online Course can be that touching !
Energy flows, not taking care of any miles-distance.
Your structure is great, they way you announce the program of the lesson, how you guide us and how you let us free, it is such a good dose.
Thank you also for giving theoretical Input to get some knowledge of Egyptian dance history and culture..and all of the Bonus material!
Today, for me, was a clue lesson. We really dig deep in this journey :-). I thank you from and with all my heart for your honesty and the energy you put in it, in us, your faith, your trust, your love., your wisdom and your clearness.
May this pure love come back to you in more than 1000 different ways. Not every great dancer is meant to be a great teacher too, but some of them are…happy those who find them …thank you for sharing what your heart is burning for.”
“Oh my God! We go deeper and deeper in Egyptian dance but also in our way of thinking!!! It’s completely crazy!! I think we never be the same! How can we?

I’m so proud to subscribe these classes! Amazing, wonderful… words aren’t big enough to describe this soulful Egyptian dance and life travel with such inspired and experimented teacher and with beautiful and kind dancers! it’s just magical. I have leaved the class with such satisfaction, recharged, full of positives projects, ready to bite the life tofull teeth! Hey world… HERE I AM!!!!!

Patricia Ponchie-Hannequin


Again wonderful class, I am so lucky to take this course on live with other dance mates. The choreography is so beautiful and dramatic, I will review the classes this weekend and practice the movements, so that I can put my emotions into them and enjoy/grasp the essence of Egyptian Oriental Dance!”




“Thank you for discussing the difference between bringing raw emotions & exposing your private life, that was incredibly helpful for me — a paradigm shift I daresay. Wonderful class, as always. This is proving to be an epic series & I am grateful for all the thoughtfulness, work & passion you have put into it — it really shows.”


Justine Riekena


“Once again, thank you for the inspiring classes. Emotions are a special chapter with me. I feel a LOT but it doesn’t always show. So I try working on that. It has to do a lot with the insecurity deep down I guess. And I’ll repeat myself, I love your classes. They resonate with me and in such a kind way.”

Lucie Kupalová



“I received very useful and practical tips for improvisation, physically and mentally. I will allow myself to be more free and enjoy the moment, no more worries what others may think about me. The Choreography is very romantic and beautiful, I am in love with it!! Thank you again for the wonderful class!”


Seiko Endo


“Terrific class, wish I could have been there live today. Today’s part of the choreography features movements that fall in among my favourites, so it felt very good. Now to sharpen & bring the clarity. I must admit that my favourite part of class was at the end when you clasped you hands & laughed demonically while saying, “tomorrow’s gonna kick your ***, so sweet, so sweet.” So very Joana. Of course you know I adore you & I cherish that you bring your true self to our classes, not a filtered public persona. 😉 Looking forward to tomorrow’s additions to Enta Omri (a song I love).”
Justine Riekena


“I received very useful and practical tips for improvisation, physically and mentally. I will allow myself to be more free and enjoy the moment, no more worries what others may think about me. The Choreography is very romantic and beautiful, I am in love with it!! Thank you again for the wonderful class!”


Seiko Endo



“Five stars and more! How to become a great dancer? This is the place to grow as an oriental dancer student, as a woman and as a human being! Thank you so much!”

Patricia Ponchie-Hannequin



Vintage-Pointing-Hand-Image-GraphicsFairyFollow the link for more information on this Pioneering Course:


Joana Saahirah´s Interview at “Your Creative Fire” Series airs on the 4th June!


Here´s another reason to celebrate: my interview with Jennifer Lakshmi Dove about Egyptian Dance & Creativity airs tomorrow, Monday, the 4th June!

We talked about the fierceness of being an Original, having an ever-expanding Personal Voice, and being our unique self. In dance, as in life.

In order to enjoy the interview, follow the link:

Once you click on the link, the system will lead you to my interview as well as to the interviews of an amazing group of artists, teachers, healers, and visionaries that have explored a myriad of hot topics with Jennifer Dove.
I´m honored to be on this list!

As a bonus GIFT, I´m offering my NEW EBOOK “Welcome to Egyptian Dance Wonderland” to the listeners who request it after accessing the interview.


Feel welcome to listen, comment, and share the interview ❤


Preparing to take off (Bali, here I come!)


Balinese children, a symbol of purity, faith, limitless possibilities (photo taken by me, two years ago, on my first visit to Bali)

Confession: I´m a little scared – my heart’s going BUM, BUM, BUM! – and beyond excited.

Big leaps of faith are uncomfortable – how many of those have I taken? – but I don’t know any other way of living.
🚀First, I moved to Spain to study Acting at the National Conservatoire.
🚀Then, I started a new market for Egyptian Dance in Portugal when nobody had ever heard about it.
🚀Then, I built a successful career – no prostitution strings attached – by myself in Egypt where I struggled and won for 8 years.
🚀Then, I started to teach-perform-lecture around the world; writing and publishing my first book, growing, and loving.
🚀Then, I opened a pioneering school which is changing the way Egyptian Dance is practiced and taught around the world – my newest baby, Joana Saahirah’s Online Dance School
Now, the biggest of my biggest dreams happening in Bali, Indonesia.
When I read that list, I doubt if I sleep at night, if my days have 24 hours, if I manage to breathe.
The answers are yes, yes, yes.
🚀Luck has very little to do with it. We build our luck with our own hands. And, if luck doesn’t show up after we’ve showed up for it, we build it from scratch. We invent it. We become It.
No excuses; no complaining; life belongs to the dreamers who dare to be Doers.
🌎 Getting ready to take off 🌞 Bali, here I come!

This is how May kicked my ass (so sweetly); this is how you´ll kick ass in June!

waterlily-graphicsfairy006c.jpgI can hardly believe we´re in June (what a cliché!).

Here´s the thing I dislike about clichés: we end up bumping into them, even if we don´t want to.

Here´s today´s inevitable cliché: where did time go?

The more you focus on your own life, your dreams, your people, and your priorities, the less you feel inclined to check your neighbor´s garden and the faster time will pass. In fact, you won´t feel it passing.

Eye_of_Horus_Right.svgMay was particularly blessed, busy, and fast-paced. Here are the goals I set, & accomplished, this month:


Vintage-Pointing-Hand-Image-GraphicsFairy.jpgI celebrated Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School 1st anniversary with our beautiful dance community. We had several events, Facebook live sessions, contests, gifts, and our special pioneering Course “Enta Omri, a Journey of Soulful Egyptian Dance & Self-Love”.


Vintage-Pointing-Hand-Image-GraphicsFairyI´ve moved forward with the editing of my upcoming book – a collaboration between me and a talented Slovenian photographer, Breda Jurecko;


Vintage-Pointing-Hand-Image-GraphicsFairyI´ve created, and delivered, our game changer Online Course: Enta Omri, a Journey of Soulful Egyptian Dance & Self-Love (now available, fully recorded, at our school). Aside from the classes I taught – 10, to be more exact, each focused on a particular theme related with dance, personal, and life expansion -, I´ve created extra material that totally kicked my ass; it pushed me beyond everything I´ve done, so far.

The bonus material – videos, articles, music, images, Love Sheets with Life Changing Questions & Exercises – offered with the course was in itself enough to make me work like a maniac for 6 months, at least. But I´ve made it in one month, adapting, changing, improving as we went along.

The participation of the students and their feedback was an essential key to the success of this course.

Enta Omri Journey by Joana Saahirah Online Dance School*Follow the link for more information:


Vintage-Pointing-Hand-Image-GraphicsFairyI´ve made the final decision to move to Bali, Indonesia & took care of the logistics behind such a huge life shift. 


Vintage-Pointing-Hand-Image-GraphicsFairyFurthermore, I´ve studied and challenged myself on a personal level like I hadn´t done in many, many years. 

Am I exhausted? Heavens, yes. Am I happy? Absolutely.


As far as I´m concerned, June will be even better, and more intense, than May.

At least, I plan on showing up for my part of the deal.

What about YOU? How was your month? Did you achieve the goals you´ve set for yourself? Wait a second…you haven´t set your goals?

No worries. There´s no better time than NOW.

May´s gone – bye, darling! -; June´s here – hello, gorgeous!

You CAN act upon your dreams now.


Grab a Journal, or a blank paper;

Write JUNE, the most blessed month (so far), at the top;

Write a list of your TOP 3 GOALS for the month which is now starting;

Then, write the STEPS you´ll take to make them happen;

Go ahead and schedule those steps on your agenda. 

The present moment is all we have – make the best of it.


Fresh out of the oven – Celebrate YOUrself, YOUr Dance, YOUr Life!

Enjoy this video “Celebrate Yourself, Your Dance & Your Life”, a part of the original bonus material offered with Joana Saahirah´s Online Course “Enta Omri, a Journey of Soulful Egyptian Dance & Self-Love” available, fully recorded, at

Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.

This is the course I wish someone had created when I first started to learn Egyptian Dance!
Much more than an Egyptian Dance course – an opportunity for personal, dance, & life TRANSFORMATION.

Eye_of_Horus_Right.svgFollow the link for more information:

Joana Saahirah Online Dance School Bread & Butter.jpg