19756454_10155563509309886_6798564334009710848_nI take a dive into the Ocean – the deepest, most mysterious ocean -, reluctantly, every time I embark on a book writing marathon.
It´s hard, and exhausting, to manage my dance career, which requires my full attention and a predisposition to express myself in the exterior world, with the discipline, stillness, inner journey and silence book writing demands. Still I move forward. Slowly but surely.
Only the ones who actually DO IT know how challenging it is; only the ones who get naked, undone, their hair dishevelled, their memory lost (which today is today?) have a glimpse of the miracle – their heart wide open and their neurons stretched beyond mental sanity. Each phrase, a discovery; each word a world to (re)discover.
Challenges never scared me – mediocrity and evilness do.
Making IT happen one word, & dance step, at a time.

Free Online Class – The Essence of Egyptian Dance – by Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School

FREE Sneak Peek at The Essence of Egyptian Dance – a GIFT for YOU by Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.

Live & recorded class – our way of thanking the dance community for all its support and love.

Sat, Jul 15, 2017

3:00pm – 4:20pm WEST

Sneak Peek at The Essence of Egyptian Dance GIFT from Joana Saahirah

We´re proud to offer another GIFT to the Oriental Dance community as a way to thank you for all the support you´ve been giving Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.
This is NOT a trial class but a GIFT from our heart to your heart.

Here´s what´s on the menu for the class:

Introduction to The Essence of Egyptian Dance – what´s the difference between an empty set of movements and The Language of the Soul?
Exercises and a small combination focusing on The Heart of this art form, inner wisdom, feeling and freedom.
Q&A (question & answer) at the end of the class. Ask and you shall receive!

Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School July/August Schedule

School New Logo June 13th 2017

Welcome to Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School!

Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School is rocking with the best of authentic Egyptian Dance, Self-Discovery & Empowerment.

Live & recorded class packages scheduled for the upcoming weeks:

*Introduction to the Secrets of Egyptian Dance
*Egyptian Rhythms for Oriental Dance Intensive Journey – Level 1
*Egyptian Dance ABC & Creative Awakening
*Om Kolthoum & Tarab
*Egyptian Dance Intermediate Level

Recorded class packages available:
*Baladi Extravaganza Intensive Training
*Baladi Extravaganza Deeper into the Language of the Hips
*Cairo Style Tabla Solo
*Oriental Dance for the Stage
*Egyptian Dance Intermediate Level – First Series

Only the best for the best – from Egypt to the World, bringing back the Soul of Oriental Dance.


Follow the link for more informations: http://www.powhow.com/classes/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio

Joana Saahirah´s Fall/Winter World Agenda


Grateful for the opportunities to share the best of Egyptian Dance, and all the Wisdom it brings, with the world. Since I´ve left Egypt, after 8 years of an intense, successful & extremely challenging career & life, I´ve been travelling the globe, non stop, teaching, performing, judging and lecturing at the best Oriental Dance events.

I can only thank the organizers, students, audiences and supporters who keep sharing my Vision* For you, as well as for myself, I´ll always do better than my best.

Here are some of the countries that will receive Joana Saahirah & The Secrets of Egyptian Dance (both in expansion) during this Fall/Winter:

*Brasil (16,17,18th September)

*Slovenia (22,23,24th September)

*Czech Republic (13,14,15th October)

*4th USA (Delaware, Atlanta, Portland) TOUR:

Delaware – 3,4,5th November

Atlanta – 10,11,12th November

Portland, Oregon – 17,18,19th November

*Quebec, Canada: 24,25,26th November

*Galway, Ireland: 2,3rd December

More informations on event organizers and programs via email (dancemagica@gmail.com)

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And makes IT happen 🙂 ❤ 


Going down the Rabbit Hole

The start of the Journey.JPGPreparing for a book writing marathon feels like preparing for a scary, though exciting, sky or water diving – you jump into the unknown, embrace the vertigo, and smile, somewhat awckwardly, at the uncertainty. You don´t know where, or if, you´re going to land after you take the leap.

You light up candles & incense, organize a romantic dinner and invite the Inspiration Muses to join, keeping your fingers crossed, hoping they´ll close an agreement with you: we´re going to show up when you show up. That´s what you´ll wish they´ll say between the main dish and the dessert yet they remain silent, chewing their food (you´re a good cook!).

Although you´re the perfect host, the Muses play hard to get. By the end of the evening, they´ll say farewell without the promise to show up.

-Will I jump alone? Will I screw this one up? Will I be able to write a good enough book? Will I? Will I? Will I? – You ask yourself while washing the dishes. – Oh, damn it.

You only know when you do it. No safety net, no guarantees – just emptiness and a purpose strong enough to pull you through word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page.

You stock up with groceries, have the house clean and operational, finish the eternally unfinished TO DO list (or simply prioritize, throwing it into the I´LL DEAL WITH IT LATER box), warn everybody of your upcoming absence, buy a package of cigarettes –  even if you´re not a smoker when you´re on “regular self mode” -;  take a deep, fearful breath, and start doing it.

It feels like I´ve been falling down the rabbit hole, Alice in Wonderland all over again, and I´ve finally landed at the bottom of the earth. I´m not ready to open the tiny door which will (eventually) take me to the Magical Creation Channel, one which is required to “write a good book” but I know I´ll never feel ready. I open the door, anyway, praying not for a challenge-free adventure but for a blessed, fruitful one. One that makes me grow along the way and, hopefully, inspire others to do the same once the literary baby is out.

The Muses show up because I show up.


Or The Beginning

Introduction to The Secrets of Egyptian Dance Online Workshop @ Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School

Introduction to The Secrets of Egyptian Dance Workshop – online live & recorded classes – starts this week at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.

Promo Fb Introd to The Secrets of Egyptian Dance.JPG

What nobody´s teaching you; the true Magic of Egyptian Dance!

5 intensive sessions; 5 hidden sides of Egyptian Dance; 5 doors that reveal your power, as a dancer and human being; 5 keys which turn common moves into Art and life into Adventure.

A glimpse of the treasures I gathered in 8 years of career in Egypt, my work travels around the world, intuition, observation and (lucid) madness. In this workshop, I´ll share unreleased material out of the mainstream/superficial/commercial approach. Self-knowledge, expansion – of the self, the soul and its creativity – art and healing are on the menu.

Follow the link for more infos on this workshop: http://www.powhow.com/packages/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio/introduction-to-the-secrets-of-egyptian-dance-workshop

School World Success 21 Promo

Follow the link to check all the available live & recorded classes at our school: http://www.powhow.com/classes/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio

The Gift of Time


In my studio – aka Wonderland – where new books, classes, choreographies and upcoming performances are prepared.

There I was – half-present + half-observant – at the church of this tiny, magical, village I chose for a nest. Although it seems a long way from Cairo, Egypt, to The Center where I have my home, reality tells me otherwise. It´s all the same – we carry the world within, knowingly or not.

-Where do you live now? – People ask me.

-In Paradise. I travel the whole world for work but, when I´m home, I´m HOME. Everybody needs a center to return to. – I answer as if Paradise was a well known place everybody went to at least once in a life time.

One of the biggest gifts this sacred nest – (actually, I think it chose me; I didn´t choose it) – offered me was a different, illusion-free, concept of Time. Time to be, breathe, see, taste, hear, go inside before I go outside; exist. Fully. Guitlessly. Freely. In my life and, consequently, in my dance.

I see strangers, students, friends, family and ex-lovers struggling against time and I often wonder if I, too, am caught in this mouse wheel (the answer is YES). At home, in the centre, in Paradise, within, I discovered time is relative and the way we manage, and enjoy it, is what ultimately defines it. I´m too young not to have goals – I have many, in fact – but I´ve lived, and achieved, enough to know living is much more than checking goals off our list.

I water the garden – splash myself with water that escapes from the hose:

I walk to the river, stop on the way; bathe – slowly, lustfully, closing my eyes as I get into the water and release an ahhhhhhhhhh… coming from the deepest, most grateful side of me. This is timeless – it´s Life.

This morning, I taught a couple of classes at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School, feeling blessed for the opportunity to share so much experience, knowledge, passion and purpose; I had coffee while talking to the river and went to the Church – always an interesting anthropological experience -, with a neighbor I love dearly. We talked about God, its apparent absence and obvious existence; agriculture; literature; dogs & ghosts; hipocrisy and faith. In this chaotic – finely orchestrated – order.

As I returned home, baking under the sun (sizzling; excessive; perfect), I stopped at the fountain where I washed my face and drank directly from the earth. I sat down, enjoying the freshness of the moment, of everything. No hurry, no goals, no pressure to be anywhere else or be whom I´m not. As I wiped the water off my face, I smiled: this is eternity. Right now.

This is what we can call L-I-V-I-N-G.


P.S: Suggestion to Oriental Dancers, amateur and professionals: offer yourself time (to be, listen, feel, enjoy). In dance as in life.

Free/Welcome Class Video is available for YOU*

9158_10207613536129311_3399092045147085579_nDear readers/followers/students, the recording of our Free/Welcome Class is available at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School. It´s my GIFT to the dance community, one everybody can enjoy. 

Here´s what you´ll find in the recorded class: 

Warm up Exercise with basic technique of Egyptian Dance & Space for Feeling.

Human Mode Tips;

Some core issues that make Egyptian Dance Magical;

Introduction to the Language of the Soul.

Beginning of a bombastic choreography.

Q&A session with a glimpse of what´s happening in Egyptian Dance around the globe. From Egypt to the World, bringing back the Soul of Oriental Dance. 

School World Success 21 Promo.jpg

For more infos on the Free/Welcome Class & our other courses, follow the link and search for CLASSES: http://www.powhow.com/classes/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio

Joana Saahirah in Quebec, Canada, this November!

Quebec Official Poster November 2017Managing time, resources, focus and energy is at the core of everything I do. Travelling for teaching, performing and lecturing is amazing but it also means everything else – Online Teaching, Writing and having a life outside of my career – stops for a while.

This Summer will be all about working on my new books and school (Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance Schoolhttp://www.powhow.com/classes/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio) and preparing for upcoming trips around the world.

Quebec, Canada, will be one of them right after my 4th USA TOUR.

Feeling blessed, grateful and, I confess, often overloaded with work in so many directions and fields. What saves the day is the fact that I love every single thing I do. Otherwise, I´d be insane by now.

World, here I come! Faithful to my soul, purpose, inner guidance.