Oriental Dance Counseling by Joana Saahirah

Oriental Dance Counseling by Joana Saahirah



What is Oriental Dance Counseling?

Reaching out for excellence and what makes you an unique dancer/teacher/choreographer.

Counseling – or consulting – is professional guidance, correction and improvement on a particular subject like a choreography, a performance or a class you want to teach.

I often receive requests of guidance from dancers: how do you do it?  Many ask me to watch their videos and send them a report of the things they should be working on to improve and the things they should be proud of having accomplished; others ask me for advice on how to build a great choreography or how to be at their best on stage; others want to know how to structure a class, a workshop or a course.

My NEW Oriental Dance Counseling is the perfect answer to any of these requests.

It´s not a class, per se, but you end up learning as if you were in a class. What´s being offered is professional advice focused on a particular issue you want to solve/improve coming from someone who has built a successful career in Egypt and around the w0rld.

Promo Counseling On LineFor whom?

Do you ever ask yourself “How do I present a powerful performance that captivtes the audience? Where do I start when I´m builduing a choreography? What am I doing right and what should I improve?” 

If so, keep reading.

For every dancer of any level who wishes to improve on a personal and/or artistic level; every professional performer and/or teacher and/or choreographer who wants to make the best out of their knowledge, potential and particular style.

If you need a professional, experienced dancer who has built her own successful career to watch you and guide you on a particular issue, this is the right choice for you.

peacockHow does it work?

Each counseling session lasts 2 hours. You can subscribe for more than one session for the same subject or for different subjects.

We work privately, face to face, via Skype. You can send information (your videos, music or questions) before the session.

Aside from receiving counseling on your dance, you get a PERSONAL guidance on your own unique character and how you can make the best of both.

How to subscribe?

Send your request to dancemagica@gmail.com

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