Private Online Counseling for Advanced & Professional Dancers

Oriental Dance Counseling by Joana Saahirah

Joana Saahirah´s Teaching Method is as peculiar as her Journey; her approach to Egyptian Dance and its multidimensional nature is unique. Her method is a result of almost twenty years of a high-profile career in Egypt and around the World, performing, teaching, lecturing, judging and inspiring dancers from all levels and walks of life.

She teaches from direct experience, and success, in the most demanding markets of Egyptian Dance.


If you´re an ADVANCED DANCER WHO WANTS TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL or a PROFESSIONAL DANCER who wants to take her/his craft to the next level, Joana´s Private Counseling for Advanced & Professional Dancers is FOR YOU.

Aside from receiving PERSONAL GUIDANCE related to THE ISSUES YOU NEED HELP WITH, you can have access to:

  • Advanced Dance Technique

How to bring your Dance Technique, combinations, and phrases to a higher – artistic and sublime – level.

Dance vocabulary, musicality, creative exploration, sacred geometry, and more.

  • Preparation for shows

How to build a show from scratch to the presentation (what must be included in a successful performance, independently of its length)


How to present yourself and your dance to achieve the highest impact


How to use the stage, and the surrounding space, to optimize your performance


How to bring your Unique character and style to the stage


How to communicate and build an emotional connection with your audience


What to wear in each particular dance style – from the Oriental to the Folkloric styles


Secrets & Tips Joana has learned from her Musicians and Audiences – how to go from an “average” dancer to an “extraordinary” dancer audiences and students don´t forget.


  • How to choreograph

Choreographies for Teaching – How to build a choreography for teaching purposes; how to break it down and create efficient exercises from it.


Choreographies for Shows – How to build a choreography that fits the demands of the stage and reaches audiences where they should be reached (in their hearts).


  • Personal Development for YOU and YOUR STUDENTS

 Technique, exercises, and mindset for Personal Development.


  • How to improvise

Techniques & mindset that will make you a superb, and unique, improviser in your classes/courses and on stage.


  • How to better navigate the field of Egyptian Dance, the ethics of the business, and how to build a long-term successful career that serves you and your community.


Joana Saahirah Magic Joana Saahirah sharing The Magic & The Alchemy of Egyptian Oriental Dance with the world



What happens when you subscribe to a Private Counseling for Advanced & Professional Dancers


  1. You receive an EMAIL CONFIRMATION from Joana Saahirah confirming your subscription.
  1. You´ll be asked to send your AVAILABLE SCHEDULE for the booking of your sessions as well as your time zone.


  1. You´ll receive Joana´s confirmation of the BOOKED CLASSES according to your available.
  1. You´ll be provided with Joana´s Skype identity so you can add yourself (these sessions/classes happen via skype).


  1. You´ll receive a BONUS VIDEO, a QUESTIONARY, and Joana Saahirah´s “Embrace your Uniqueness (in Dance, as in Life) Booklet” only offered to her Private Coaching Students.
  1. You´ll receive a WRITTEN GUIDE“PERFORMING EGYPTIAN DANCE PRINCIPLES” OR/AND “HOW TO TEACH EGYPTIAN DANCE”. Receiving one or the other has to do with the goal of your training: if you wish to focus on your PERFORMANCES, you´ll receive the first guide; if you wish to focus on your TEACHING, you´ll receive the second.
  1. After you´ve watched the Video and answered the Questionary, you´ll start your learning journey. You can read your bonus guide as you go through the classes.


  1. Homework will be required and extra learning material will be provided from the moment you start your learning journey until its end.
  1. You´ll have Joana´s orientation during the whole process. More than just a teacher who shares material with you – dance technique, choreographies, musicality, history, and more -, you´ll have a JOURNEY COMPANION holding your hand, side by side, making sure you feel safe, thriving, and safe whilst diving into unknown territory.
Honored to guide you into your OWN, UNIQUE, SHINE ❤