Messages from The Womb

Messages from The Womb PromoPay attention!
 Masters, Inspiration and Revelation are everywhere, especially where you least expect them.

The project “Messages from The Womb”, a series of short videos/lectures filmed at my new home (Retreat; Paradise) are an example of great things that come from simple, apparently insignificant, circumstances. Some trains hide under the wings of baby butterflies.

Me and my friend Ana were having coffee, at sunset, speaking about life, dreams and the beauty of the sky falling asleep in front of us. The subject of Egyptian Oriental Dance as an art form, a sacred language and a reeducation tool for the human being fell on our table. I started talking about it as I do inside my head, during my private on line courses and in my workshops around the world. Every word flowed as naturally as a breath of air from my mouth.

-I wish I had a camera with me. We should record what you´re saying.- My friend told me, half frustrated, half fascinated.

Really? – I asked, surprised. – What I´m saying is not a big deal. Everybody knows about it.

-You´re mistaken. Not everybody knows about it. In fact, I´ve never heard it. You should get these things recorded.

She was serious. So serious that I took her advice to heart but, mostly, to action. I turned the camera on and filmed the first Message from The Womb with a theme inspired by a conflict between dancers, something that had been born from a polemic caused by one of my videos about Tarab and The Feminine Principle (see link:

Can you see the magical net?

From the moment I started, the project didn´t stop growing. It has turned into a series of lectures/videos which have been supported, shared and cherished by dancers – and non dancers – from all over the world. It may become a book (the introduction is already written). Who knows which other fruits may fall from this Tree. All I know is that I take a lift whenever I see it. After taking it, I ride the wave and do my best with integrity, courage and audacity. The rest is in God´s hands.

Ana Samuel photo 6 black and white

Me, in my retreat – aka home or paradise – photographed by my friend Ana Samuel, the person who started the whole magic of Messages from The Womb

It´s with great pleasure I share the first collection of “Messages from The Womb”. EnJOY:

* Tarab & The Feminine Principle:

*Cultivate your Garden:

*The Power of Stillness:

*The Guts of Personal Perspective:

*The Person in the Dancer:

*The beauty of Emotion Versus the beauty of the Visual:

*Oh, screw it! Life is short:

*Education Versus Exploration:

*Simplicity, the highest form of sophistication:

*Religious Dance (Unity):

*Warmth (Temperature) in Egyptian Dance:

*The body as a creative tool (manifestation of your soul):

*Where is your focus? Go inside:

*Individuality Versus The Clone Machine Factory:

*Competition plague:

*Why do you dance?

*Human Connection:

* I am enough!

*Structure Versus Madness:

*Egyptian Tempo:

*Sense of humor:

*Dancing through/in the rain (baladi awadi):


*Feeling Good!

*Waiting for the perfect moment–aPQ

*Skinny Body Versus Live Body:


*Cultural appropriation:

*Insecurities, our friends:

*Pleasing Versus Connection:

*The power of conscious breathing:

*Physical pleasure (let´s get it on!):

*Moving from the heart:

*Fear of your own Greatness:

*Failure and frustration:

*The return of Lilith:

*Strength (true Power):

*Musicality – The Dancer as a musical co-creator (a Musician in her own right):

*Ground Zero (or The Eternal Apprentice):

*The Power of Not Knowing:

*The Big Dance (The Motion):

*The Tail of The Dragon:

*Comparison, the beginning of hell:

*Ambition Versus Love:

*Thank You:

Ana Samuel black and white.JPG

“My cup runneth over”. Indeed. What a joy and honour to share the contents of this full (overflowing) cup with the world.