I want to hear from YOU – A MESSAGE to my beloved STUDENTS (by Joana Saahirah)

As you know, our JOANA SAAHIRAH´S ONLINE DANCE SCHOOL is going through a major transformation.
I must confess: when Powhow closed down, without a warning, I panicked. So much vision, work, time, and energy had been spent building the school! There were more than 40 original courses available, all of them with bonus material I´d (also) produced with my own hands. Everything seemed to have gone to waste…the great momentum we´d created at the school was abruptly interrupted by something I couldn´t control. FREAK OUT MODE was on!
Facing challenges isn´t something new, for me. I´ve gone to war many times in Cairo, Egypt, where I started my career, and in many other places around the world. I´m way too familiar with finding rocks on my path and not giving up. But…I felt defeated.


And the quest for a NEW, better, school started. I researched extensively on the best platforms, the best way to serve my dance community, the best venue to express my gifts and help you do the same. The answer came.

I´m now in the process of finishing a brand new School and I need YOUR FEEDBACK before I launch it:




I´d be thankful if you could answer those questions and send them to me, via email.I believe that GROWH is a combination of LISTENING TO OUR HEARTS and listening to the hearts of the ones who surround us.

Waiting to hear from you & sending you my ❤

And the Winners (Behind the Curtain contest) are…

And the WINNERS of our "Behind the Curtain" contest are...
I´m truly excited to offer an autographed copy of my new book plus 1-hour private online class to the lucky students who won the contest “Behind the Curtain”. Although many students/dancers participated, only two matched the conditions of the contest and offered a deep, heartfelt, answer to the question “Why you believe Egyptian Dance is magical”.

Congratulations to the WINNERS!

And the WINNERS of our “Behind the Curtain” Contest are…

Fátima Enes (Portugal)

Lucie Cupalová (Czech Republic)

Enter the contest “Behind the Curtain” and WIN an autographed copy + 1 hour private class with Joana Saahirah

Wait until the 14th March and you´ll see.
  • My NEW book – “Behind the Curtain” – is out and I want to share it with you.
  • Get into the NEW CONTEST I´m launching and WIN one “Behind the Curtain” autographed copy & 1-hour private online class with me!
  • Here´s what you´ve gotta do in order to enter the contest: share the link of the book (this one: http://www.lulu.com/shop/joana-saahirah-and-breda-jure%C4%8Dko/behind-the-curtain/paperback/product-23997213.html?fbclid=IwAR2Cc357PwRQ2PF0HTamSqYPQMU1QZ8vW9kO3m-VE7q5AhvaqH-Xsr8nTQg) in your Facebook or Instagram account with a comment on WHY YOU BELIEVE EGYPTIAN DANCE IS MAGICAL and tag me in that post. Also, send me your comment and social media share link via email (to dancemagica@gmail.com)
  • The best 3 entries will win an autographed copy of “Behind the Curtain” and 1 hour of online private class with me.
  • Entries are accepted only until the 12th March. The winners will be announced on the 14th March.
  • Good luck!

Joana Saahirah launches her NEW book “Behind the Curtain”

A little bit about my new book, how it came to life, and what it means in the universe of Egyptian Dance

Joana Saahirah presents her NEW book “Behind the Curtain”, a collaboration with the Slovenian Photographer, Breda Jurecko.

What lies behind a stage curtain?

What happens inside an Oriental Dancer, the eternal damned “odalisque”, beyond appearances? What does it mean to be a passionate Creator, a Woman who´s not afraid to be her full – untamed – self? This and other questions are answered in this book, a collaboration between Joana Saahirah, a world-known Oriental Dancer, and Breda Jurečko, a photographer with a very special perspective. When these two women met in Slovenia, before a show with Mazzikatea orchestra, the idea of an (unexpected) book was born to bring the hidden, perhaps most interesting, side of an Oriental Dancer´s life, to the light.

*Follow the link to order your copy of “Behind the Curtain”:

Joana Saahirah´s Interview at The Sacred Dance Summit

This is so exciting!
My interview with Leslie Zehr, the creator of The Sacred Dance Summit, is here, fully recorded, for your enjoyment.
We talked about Mysteries, Self-Empowerment, and other essential aspects of Egyptian Dance nobody ever bothers to mention.

Watch, like, share and enjoy the FREE EBOOK – Egyptian Dance Wonderland – offered with the Summit:

Follow the link to watch the interview:

About this interview´s guest (that would be me;) ):

*Joana is a world-renowned dancer, teacher, and choreographer specialized in Egyptian Oriental and Folkloric Dances, actress and author of the book The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond. After almost a decade of life and career in Egypt with her own orchestra—rescuing the ORIGINS and ESSENCE of Egyptian Dance, Joana has created a style (of teaching, choreographing, and performing) that UNITES EAST and WEST; Healing and Art; MIND, HEART, BODY, and SOUL. For the last 5 years, Joana has been a constant presence—as an invited artist, choreographer & teacher—at major International Oriental Dance Festivals. She´s also the founder of Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School, a pioneering school with authentic Egyptian Dance, Self-Discovery & Empowerment. The summit is finished but there will be another one in May 2019.

*Register now to receive updates and announcements! Sacred Dance Summit Registration Page: https://mailchi.mp/14581eda8d5c/sacre…

What´s YOUR Passion?

What makes a great dancer? And, what is more important, what makes a great life?

The answer to those questions is relative, as are the answers to most subjects, but I believe we can agree on some basic traits:

  • Living and dancing from our hearts, allowing the music and life to be taken, processed, filtered, and expressed through the heart – that is for sure one essential quality for great dancing and living.
  • Cultivating openness/vulnerability . Not hiding, not masking our true selves, daring to be fully Human.
  • Educating ourselves; preparation, actually showing up to do our work – may that be working in a dance piece, in a relationship, in a dream we wish to accomplish – are also essential.
  • The willingness to learn, try, fall and rise up again; making mistakes and correcting them; the strength and the humbleness to evolve. Those, too, are inescapable traits for great dancing and living.

I could mention other qualities but, right now, PASSION is the one I want to call your attention to.

A DANCER without PASSION is no dancer at all. A LIFE lived without PASSION is no life at all.

Rest assured: we´re all different.

 I, for instance, have been accused of being “too intense”, too passionate, too emotional, too rational, too much, too alive. It seems I think too much, feel too much, love too deep; according to popular belief, I feel too much pleasure, too much passion, too much excitement; if I believe, and I don´t, the concept most people make of me, I´m bound to conclude I´m a case of excessive passion. By now, flames are no doubt pouring from my ears. I´m a bad case of “my cup runneth over”. Or so they say.

Note: there´s no such thing as “excessive passion”. You cannot order a flame to shine a little less brightly. It shines as freely and intensely as it wishes or it doesn´t. Period.

I have no idea what it means to be too alive; you´re either alive or dead, but that´s just me, my weird-freak-over the top me.

I know characters aren´t the same. Some of us are cooler, colder, calmer, less interested, less excited, less “on fire” than others. We´re aware of that. My point is we all need SOMETHING that lights our hearts on fire, SOMETHING that makes us want to jump off our beds in the morning, a MEANING or PURPOSE to our lives.

Great dancing, as great living, cannot exist without PASSION, whatever your passion, or passions, may be.

Great dancing, as great living, cannot exist without a PURPOSE that calls your soul into action, whatever your purpose may be.

Instead of focusing on other people´s PASSION, their FIRE, the thing, or things, that makes them move ahead and higher, I ask you to look within and ask yourself: what makes me feel the most ALIVE?

My January (exciting) NEWS!

A brand NEW book and a brand NEW Joana Saahirah Online Dance School are opening 2019 and you´re invited to join the party!

This new year has found me with both feet firmly on the ground and a growing pair of wings that´ll allow me to take off.

Once more, I redefine my concept of Happiness and the Priorities I must focus on, in case I wish to continue growing (I do).

Turning dreams into reality isn´t always cool, pleasant, or beautiful – sometimes, work is hard; we have to dive deep into boring, challenging tasks; we gotta bump with our head against the wall in order to see the fruits of the seeds we´ve planted. More often than not, the tip of the iceberg is just a tiny sample of the enormous amount of work that preceded it, work which the public never gets to see.

Here are some of the (exciting) NEWS I´m sharing with YOU, this month, both a product of the work that remains hiding beneath the water:

  1. My NEW book“Behind the Curtain” -, a collaboration with a talented Slovenian photographer – Breda Jurecko – is coming out.
  2. A NEW, renewed, Joana Saahirah Online Dance School, is arriving with brand new, pioneering, online courses. The same Vision and Purpose – to share authentic Egyptian Dance, Self-Discovery & Empowerment with the whole world – with an upgraded platform that will serve our community better.

Joana Saahirah Interview at the Sacred Art of Dance Summit (launched by Leslie Zehr)

Promo 1.jpg
Talking about authentic Egyptian Dance, its magical multi-layered universe, its healing, and self-empowering ability is one of my favorite things on earth.
When Leslie Zehr invited me to take part in her Sacred Dance Summit – a series of interviews with fascinating women who also happen to be professionals focused on the sacred dimension of dance -, I didn´t hesitate.
Leslie is an accomplished professional; a lively and insightful host, and someone who, like me, sees beyond the mainstream superficiality.
Our interview went by fast and smooth as all great conversations do. It made me remember why I fell in love with Egyptian Dance in the first place.
If you want to watch/listen to our interview and receive my FREE GIFT (the ebook “Welcome to Egyptian Dance Wonderland”), follow the link and join the event: https://mailchi.mp/14581eda8d5c/sacred-dance-summit-registration-page
You won´t regret it 😉
Promo 2.jpg

Opening 2019 with the climbing of NEW mountains

Joana Saahirah Ilhas Dornes

Opening 2019 with open arms and heart

Flying into 2019 with the Passion and the Love I´ve always carried in my heart, a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

Here´s what they rarely tell us: evolution takes work; growth can be painful; letting go of limiting beliefs, wounds, old ghosts can be a never-ending battle but, YES, we can do it. If we genuinely want to.

I´ve never sat in my comfort zone – whenever I reach the top of one mountain, I start looking for a new mountain to climb. It´s the climbing, not the arrival, that builds our character.

From Portugal, my homeland where I was safe and comfortable, to Egypt where I spent 8 years building my career and myself in the midst of unimaginable challenges and blessings; from Egypt to the whole World where I´ve been traveling as an invited artist to perform, teach, and lecture on Egyptian Dance, Music, and Culture; from the World to wherever I dream.


Along the way, I´ve written an endless amount of articles for highly respected maganizes and newspapers; I´ve written and published my first book – The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” (follow link to get your own copy: http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/joana-saahirah/the-secrets-of-egypt-dance-life-beyond-2nd-edition/paperback/product-23143198.html?fbclid=IwAR2Jfl0G_J0QIVEQzejQdSkQ8PzO7v0GkKDNpIOy0-V7VjOmA36OzSVmFlA ); I´ve created a pioneering school – Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School -, I´m about to publish my second book – Behind the Curtain – and I´m already working on my third book.  A brand new, upgraded, platform for Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School will soon be released. Stay tuned at this blog or ask to join our dance community via email (send email to dancemagica@gmail.com)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is is just a little sample of how much I´ve lived, dreamed and materialized and how much I´m doing in the present. I hope it inspires you to turn your Wish List* into a Dreams Accomplished List.

wink-happy-16Hint: I have no intention to stop growing and making IT happen.

In 2019, more than in any other year, I thrive for new mountains – the most unexplored, frightening, amazing mountains; the ones that will ultimately bring me closer to my truest self. I hope YOU´re brave enough to do the same.

Happy climbing, my friends!


In this video: Joana Saahirah BOMBASTIC Majance Performance in Quebec, Canada. Quebec was one of the cities included in Joana Saahirah´s USA & CANADA SOULful Tour.


May Wisdom, Light, Love, and Beauty rule our new year.