God laughs at our Plans

When I moved to Bali, Indonesia, I thought I’d start a new, local, dance project and settle into the Asian way of living. I also had a personal dream, one I doubted would come true
The thing is I´ve always dreamed my own dream, did my own thing, followed nothing except the guidance of my own soul.
I now look at the last months and realize how little we know and how generous, and sometimes brutal, life can be.
My initial plan went down the drain, giving place to another plan, one I was almost afraid to wish for – finding true love, launching myself into creative adventures that make my adrenaline juices flow, getting into a new phase of my life that pushes me to drop my old, outdated, identity behind.
Like a snake, I shed my old skin. It hurts a little and it’s damned scary but there’s no way back 🌟When Love knocks on your door, you must receive it with open arms. And so I do.
Life can be a b….; it can also be a generous Mother. May we open our hearts and receive its gifts.
Photo: me, bathing in a waterfall in Bali 🌞, captured by the eyes of my beloved man.

Beautiful world

It´s not a novelty that I love beautiful things, people, ideas. I thrive on them, I´m made of them; I work on/with/in them every single second of my life.
As a dear friend of mine would say: I, I, I, I. My world revolves around my heart, that is true, and my heart chooses to see Beauty.
No surprise I had to share these images (sent by a very special woman called Justine Riekena). No need for comments.
Kanchan Mahon.png
Artist: Kanchan Mahon