“Behind the Curtain” Book

Joana Saahirah presents her book “Behind the Curtain”, a collaboration with the Slovenian Photographer, Breda Jurecko.

What lies behind a stage curtain?

What happens inside an Oriental Dancer, the eternal damned “odalisque”, beyond appearances? What does it mean to be a passionate Creator, a Woman who´s not afraid to be her full – untamed – self?

This and other questions are answered in this book, a collaboration between Joana Saahirah, a world-known Oriental Dancer, and Breda Jurečko, a photographer with a very special perspective. When these two women met in Slovenia, before a show with Mazzikatea orchestra, the idea of an (unexpected) book was born to bring the hidden, perhaps most interesting, side of an Oriental Dancer´s life, to the light.

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