Hey, baby, take a walk in the wild side: NEW Shaabi Online course!

Our NEW Online Course “Street Shaabi (inspired by the Maraghanat)
is about to start, with live & recorded classes, at
Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.
Every course I teach at my school or around the world is special but this theme is particularly close to my heart.
It took me years to even consider dancing to “Shaabi”. While I was performing in Egypt, audiences would ask me to perform the trendy Shaabi songs and I´d always refuse. First, those songs weren´t interesting enough for a professional dancer; second, I was totally biased where the Shaabi music is concerned. Let´s admit it: I refused to “walk in the wild side”, believing real dancers only performed to Classical Egyptian Music or high-quality Folkloric pieces.
As I grew up and opened my mind, I realized there are treasures hidden in the most unexpected places like, for instance, a good “Shaabi” song.
This style, which comes from the word “shaab” (the people), brings a political, social, even religious critic to the table; it allows us to express what is usually unexpressed – rage, hopelessness, sadness, frustration, the darker side of ourselves and life. When properly done, “Shaabi” is raw, real, down to earth and so much fun!
Once I realized that I started digging into the depths of this style and I couldn´t help but falling in love with it. I´m sure you´ll feel the same.
Street Shaabi by Joana Saahirah Online Dance School
*Follow the link for more information on Online Course “Street Shaabi (inspired by the Maraghanat): https://joanasaahirahworld.com/2018/10/28/street-shaabi-maraghanat-online-course-by-joana-saahirahs-online-dance-school/
Here´s a little “Shaabi” inspiration from New Zealand:

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