Blooming – Finding & Expressing YOUrself in Egyptian Dance & in Life

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Welcome to



Online Course

ARRIVING, SOON, AT  Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School


A truly exciting, online, course, the conclusion of “Creativity & Freedom in Egyptian Dance & in Life” also available at our school.


Here´s what you´ll find in this Class Package:

1. The Creative Process, from the seed to the flower blooming.

2. Becoming, & expressing, WHO YOU are in your dance & in your life.

3. How to deal with challenges creativity & dreams bring.

4. A romantic choreography to awaken our YOUR creative & soul juices – erasing the fear of exposure & vulnerability.

5. How to SHINE YOUR LIGHT & be a true star in your dance & in your life.

6. How to build a bridge between You & the World – The Magical Connection.

7. Seven live & recorded classes you can view, and review, as much as you wish for as long as our school exists.

8. Bonus material – videos, music, articles – offered with the course.



Here ´s what you can do to subscribe:

1.Go to and LOG IN with your email & password.

If you don´t have a Powhow account yet, you can create it by introducing your email and a password of your choice.

2. Go to the SEARCH BOX and write the name of the course you wish to purchase. The system will lead you through from there. Or Log into your Powhow account and copy-paste the following link:–2

3. From the moment we start our live classes (check the schedule at the school), you can join us or/and enjoy the class recordings for as long as our school exists (we plan on existing for a really long time!).

4. If you need assistance regarding the contents of the course, or courses, you´ve subscribed to, send an email to

If you need technical assistance, contact Powhow´s team at

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