Giving birth to a Shining Star

24909644_1890683717622163_3572030771253175133_n ✨💛♥️✨
And…push, push, push!


Creating – a dance piece, a painting, a child, a new professional or personal project, ourselves & the life of our dreams – can be a challenge.

If it comes from your gut, and it should come from there, you must be prepared for the trials, the doubts, the lost & found moments, the risks, the uncertainty, the blood & the sweat involved in the birth process. You gotta be able to go down and dirty so you can rise up & flourish. When in doubt, observe the LOTUS FLOWER.




Most of us want the flower, fully bloomed, but we’d rather not plant the seed, water, protect, and take care of it. I have NEWS for you (and me): that’s not how Creativity – in dance, as in life – works. We gotta to open ourselves, allow the seeds to settle in our heart, get our hands dirty and wet; we gotta do the work and howl at the moon. In order to create life, we have to embrace life with all its colours.

Are you ready to give birth to your own star? ✨🌸💛

Lotus FlowerFollow the link for more information on our NEW Online Course “Creativity & Freedom in Egyptian Dance & in Life”


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