Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School Testimonials (receiving back the LOVE)

Giving & receiving back the LOVE.jpg

We have more than a hundred fifty 5 stars ratings (the only 4 star rating was offered by one student who was unhappy with an internet cut  caused by a fire which was happening, at the time, around my dance studio – true story!) and endless testimonials filled with appreciation, fulfillment, and love.

I cannot say I´m surprise – I´m not. I know, and love, my craft deeply. I´m proud to deliver high quality work with uncompromising generosity. But I´m always honored, and humbled, by the appreciation of my students and audiences. Their love makes me want to be, and do, better every single day.

Feel welcome to check some of the testimonials shared at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School (I´m grateful for every student who took the time to leave their feedback).

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“Class yesterday was so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. This is going bring the depth and authenticity to my dance that Inhave been looking for. I am so very excited!”

Chandler Rhinehart

“I have taken private online courses with Joana and what she offers is top notch. I have loved every minute of studying with her and have even hosted her to teach workshops in my city. She leaves nothing out. Much love to you, Joana! “

Heather Henna Louise

“Feeling so much satisfaction after finishing this wonderful course. Very fun, creative and joyful choreography. I will surely review this recording and try to dance by myself. Thank you Joanna for this wonderful final class and I was very happy to take the live class. I am impressed with your message at the end of the class:)”

Seiko Endo

“Even if you think you’re persuaded that you’ve examined the question from all sides, Joana, always learn you something new and make your dance greater! That”s the magical of your course Joana! Joy, empowerment, culture and a lot of dance, Thank you so much.”

Patricia Ponchie-Hannequin

“I loved it very much, it was a pleasure taking class with such a gorgeous artist, Joana Saahirah! Thank you very much, kind soul and can’t wait to see you soon again!”


“Yes, simply the BEST. She pours out so much love, passion, light through the screen to all students and it inspires me so much. There had been doubts, confusions in my head but she is the one saying exactly what I need to hear to awaken myself. Now I feel my heart is more open for every movement. Her classes changes the landscape of my dance basically. She is such a bless to the education of egyptian dance today.”

Zoe Ni


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