My Moroccan Journey


A whole month of work, discovery, new dreams, and expansion -on a personal and professional level – in Morocco has come to an end but, somehow, it feels like it has just started.

I´ve rejected work proposals – not everything that glitters is gold -, I rethought my goals, studied business and marketing (way out of my comfort zone) and dared to expand, on a romantic/intimate level, in ways I´ve never done before.


Guts, honesty and an open heart always take the prize, at the end of the day. And, I, dear friends, am proud of myself. This may well be the most precious gift we can give to ourselves: loving and being proud of who we are.


I´m aware of the value of time, focus, purpose, truthfulness – life. Therefore, my daily decisions, the big and the small ones, are shaped by that appreciation.


I refuse to do things I dislike, unless they´re an obligation I cannot escape (doctor´s appointments, taxes, the logistics of ordinary life), I only work in what I love and with the people I respect; I choose my intimate circle carefully and I try – try* – to take care of myself, body, mind, heart and soul. IMG_20180324_100509_041.jpg

My work trips around the world are part of a package I call MY DREAM LIFE, the existence I was born to lead. They bring me joy, growth, discovery, the opportunity to share all I´ve been learning in my career, and life (they´re never apart),  and the possibility to find my nest, a place I can call home.

Morocco surprised me and it didn´t surprise me at all. A huge part of the country was familiar to me: the language, the mentality, the mix between the Arabic and the African cultures, the rhythm of life, the air. Another side, one I underestimated, astonished me. I had no idea Morocco was so peculiar, so rich in its colorful palette of subcultures, dialects, traditions, music, and dance; I didn´t know you could eat so well, and so much!, there. I had no idea I´d fall in love with the country, despite the exhaustion it can provoke.

IMG_20180311_221501_792.jpgWhen compared to Egypt, and it was impossible for me not to compare it after having lived in Egypt for so long, Morocco is a walk in the park. Even the old medina of Marrakech, a living hell for many tourists, is paradise when compared with the chaos, the noise, the crowds, the overstimulation, the privacy invasion – or privacy non-existence -, the sexual harassment and speed of Cairo. I felt relaxed in the midst of Marrakech´s messy, labyrinthic streets; the harassment of men was mild, almost invisible, when compared with the Egyptian world I (still) carry within.


I could write many posts on Morocco, and all the amazing things I´ve done, and learned, there but time limitation, and priorities, speak louder. What I can say, for the record, is GO.

Go there. Go anywhere your soul calls for.

Traveling, for work or for leisure, is a blessing, a university degree, a window that keeps you from going stale. Water, as humans, was made to move. So, move!


Through The Other, the foreigner, the one we often don´t understand, we discover ourselves.

Through Traveling, an active dip into a foreign culture with a minimum of prejudices blurring our sight, we discover the meaning of life.


Through Adventure – coming face to face with values, and ways of living, which are not our own -, we discover peace of mind. Through peace of mind we discover that, despite our differences, we´re all ONE.


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