Joana Saahirah Majance (Entrance on Stage) Choreography – Online Special Training

Joana Saahirah Majance Choreography Online TrainingWelcome to Joana Saahirah Majance (Entrance on Stage) Choreography Online Training.

You´ll learn a ground breaking piece that gathers authentic Egyptian Style, as Joana has recover it in many years of career in Egypt, Classic & Modern influences.

The music used in this Training is Joana Around the World, an original musical piece composed for Joana´s show, in Egypt, by Hossam Shaker. You´ll learn the choreography, with inner & outer space exploration, musicality, feeling & an incredible richness of Classic & Modern Egyptian Dance plus Folkloric styles included in the choreography.

Raks My World 2018Also: you´ll be able to be featured in Raks My World Documentary by Joana Saahirah, if you want to.

All you have to do is to film yourself, by the end of the training, doing the choreography you´ve learned and send us the video. You may also want to include your answer to the question: WHAT IS EGYPTIAN DANCE? and send us the video, as well. High quality videos are encouraged. The best dance pieces, as well as the best answers to the question “What is Egyptian Dance?” will be included in the documentary.

Follow the link for more information on this special Training:

Important note: our online courses are live (they happen, at the scheduled day & time, face to face with the students who are invited to share their questions with the teacher, via chatbox, during the class) and recorded.

Once a live class has happened, its recording remains available in the VIDEOS section of our school. Once you subscribe to a class, or class package, you´ll have access to the class recordings, and the bonus material offered with them, for unlimited time.

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