Happy week, beautiful people!

January Magic in Joana Saahirah s Online Dance SchoolJoana Saahirah´s Online Dance School wishes all our students, and followers, an amazing week.

May this be a time of peace (starting within), passionate drive, love, health and dreams come true. Make IT happen. Believe in yourself & work to turn wishes into reality. Feel welcome to join us at one of our live, & recorded, courses happening this week:

How to choreograph YOUR Baladi Awadi by Joana Saahirah Online Dance School 2*How to choreograph your Baladi Awadi

Follow the link: http://www.powhow.com/packages/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio/how-to-choreograph-your-baladi-awadi-baladi-progression

Arms & Hands in Egyptian Dance NEW Course by Joana Saahirah Dance School.jpg

*Arms & Hands in Egyptian Dance

Follow the link: http://www.powhow.com/packages/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio/arms-hands-in-egyptian-dance-extravaganza


*Egyptian Dance ABC & Creative Awakening – Level 3

Follow the link: http://www.powhow.com/packages/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio/egyptian-dance-abc-creative-awakening-level-3


*Shimmy Wonderland – Level 3

Follow the link: http://www.powhow.com/packages/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio/shimmy-wonderland-drills-marathon-mastery-level-2

Logo_azul turq

*Also check our immense, & delicious, variety of RECORDED COURSES by visiting our school.

Follow the link: http://www.powhow.com/classes/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio

*IMPORTANT NOTE: all our online courses are live and recorded.

Even if you miss one, or more, live classes, you´ll have access to the class full recording for unlimited time. You´ll be able to watch, and review, each class in your own time and pace. Bonus material – music, videos, articles & other unexpected gifts – are offered with each Course.


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