The Essentials + Egyptian Dance (funky) Levels

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There are many dimensions, or levels, in Egyptian Dance:
1. The exotic striptease level – the lowest.
2. The Gym “wanna lose some weight & shame your hips for fun?” level.
3. The pretensious “bellydance” class which is not more than level 2 advertised as dance.
4. The Dance School level – technically basic but with good intentions.
5. The Dance Festival level – choreography & competition oriented; technically more developed.
6. The professional wanna be level.
7. The professional level divided in two cathegories:
7.1. The Diva-Competition-Commercial Addict who moves to be #1, whatever that means, earn applause and general acceptance.
The Artist who moves (from her/his soul) because she/he loves it.
8. Egyptian Dance as an Art Form combined with Self-Knowledge & Empowerment – the highest level.
If you wish to learn this dance as an Art form, and a way to empower yourself in dance, and in life, there are ESSENTIALS you cannot escape, independently of how long you´ve been involved in this dance field.
I´m sharing the main courses, available at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School, I know  for a fact will help you get to that rare, & precious, level 6.
Here they are:​
Egyptian Dance ABC & Creative Awakening
Arms & Hands in Egyptian Dance happens this month
Arms & Hands in Egyptian Dance
REMINDER: there´s a 15% discount on all our courses valid only until tomorrow. Take advantage of it.
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Follow the link to visit our School ❤ :

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