So in love am I (Barking to the Choir)


For me, everything is an emotional experience. If not, I´m not interest.

Books, too, have to move me: my head, my heart, my soul, my blessed limbs. No wonder I lose interest in perfectly crafted books by perfectly respected authors; no wonder I fall in love with the most unexpected authors and stories.

I´m reading several books, simultaneously, as usual:

One book about the craft of Writing.

Two children´s books.

A novel.

“Barking to the Choir”. This one has punched me in the stomach, ravished my soul (pretty dramatic, eh?) and made me gasp for air. I often have to stop reading, in the middle of a phrase; close the book, take a deep breath and cry. Yes, you read it well: I stop reading so I can cry, an uncontrollable reaction to what I´ve just read.

It´s mortifying. I´m Portuguese, raised by stoic peasant parents, for God´s sake! – we don´t cry in the street, holding books and hearts in our hands. Mind you: these are not ellaborate expressions I´m using to make the book appealing. These are real experiences I´m going through while reading the book.

They say real life is way more fascinating than fiction and they´re totally right.

“Barking to the Choir” was recommended by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the famous “Eat, Pray, Love”, on Instagram (did I mention I´m in love with Instagram?). I´m going to start following all her reading suggestions.

Go brag that book.


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