The power of small steps

ab03699.gifNew Year´s resolutions end up in no action, more often than not. We think big and do little.

Here´s what I´ve come to realize through my experience and the experience of others (which I observe with a detective´s magnifying glass held up high): the best policy is to think small. And do small. Small steps, one after the other. Practical. Doable. Shaped by reality instead of wishful thinking. Commitments we have no reason, or considerable excuse, to betray.

Dream big – do small. Many small steps take you far.

Here are the – simple, small, almost insignificant – steps I´ll take today, the 1st January 2018, to turn this year into everything I dream of: 

  1. I´ll work on my current book project. That means book writing for 3 hours. Not too much. Just three hours. A lot can be achieved in three hours!
  2. I´ll prepare my first private online class of the year, happening tomorrow; I´ll choose the music for the upcoming courses at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.
  3. I´ll go back to my workout routine – the softer version. Running outdoors for 30 minutes and doing 1 hour of Ashtanga Yoga plus 15 minutes of meditation.
  4. I´ll drink more water (1,30h, at least) and cut on the sugar.
  5. I´ll enjoy a New Year celebratory family lunch – no mobiles, or pcs, invited.
  6. I´ll organize this week´s agenda to make sure my priorities are met instead of losing time with secondary tasks.

I´m done with resolutions for today. The list I´ve shared may seem too humble – doable – but, believe me, that´s how dreams come true. One little step at a time. Then another and another and. And.

When you have a big dream on your horizon, it helps not to focus on its conclusion –  the final destination or, as I like to call it, the top of the mountain. It can be overwhelming and you´ll be tricked into thinking you´ll never get there. Instead of focusing on the top of that mountain, focus on the next – small, realistic – step that will take you a little bit closer to it.

The ones who want to do it, find a way; the ones who don´t want to do it find an excuse. Beware: it´s easier to find excuses not to do it than it is to find the reasons to do it. Nothing is impossible unless you decide it is so. But you have to be diligent, persistent, ready to work your butt off. You have to expose yourself to risks, failure, getting lost on your way to that mountain top.

And, mostly, you have to be sneaky with yourself. Our minds are quite childish – we have to learn how to trick them into getting out of our way. The best way to trick yourself into DOING THE THINGS THAT WILL TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO is to focus on the small step.

11825853_10153463911997731_5885023105145182388_nIf you´re a dance student, you can create a realistic, yet disciplined, Dance Practice Schedule. It sounds depressing, even to a discipline freak like me, to have such a pleasureable, spontaneous art form stuck in a timetable. But that´s how you make sure you develop your dancing skills. Set specific days to your dance practice. Examples:

Monday: from 7pm till 8pm

Wednesday: from 7am till 9am

Saturday: from 3pm till 5pm

As a professional dancer, the preparation of my work and the work itself is my practice. They´re scheduled too. Time – deadlines and pressures –  isn´t pleasant. Or forgiving. But it´s something we cannot escape, at least in this third dimension. If you cannot beat it, join it.

Dream. Set an ACTION plan. Do, do, do. PERSIST. Do NOT give up.


And that´s what they don´t tell us.

Happy 2018, my beloved!

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