No better way to wrap 2017 than a bombastic dance performance in Canada

75498_542042919161115_1508687290_n.jpgFor me, this video is a symbol of human resilience, love and stamina.

This was the last show on my USA & Canada Soulful Tour. I was drained (on battery saving mode), heavily medicated, on recovering from a serious infection that almost made me cancel the whole tour, and praying I´d have the strength to give it my all.

More than a way of dancing, this is my way of living: I put everything I am into each job, dance step, relationship, moment. If a dream sets my soul on fire, I don´t quit on it. Or on myself. I keep working, persisting, sharpening my tools and my belief system.

The message in this dance performance is more precious than 1000 dance steps or choreographies. I hope you can feel it.


Joana Saahirah BOMBASTIC Majance Performance in Quebec, Canada.

Quebec was one of the cities included in Joana Saahirah´s USA & CANADA SOULful Tour.

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