Crossing to the other side of the river


Photo taken by yours truly in Dublin, one of my favourite cities in the whole world.

“Crossing to the other side of the river” – what a strange title for a blog post.

I, the one who wrote it, cannot explain it. But I write it, anyway, and I keep it. I trust the Mystery, the potential of Not Knowing, the Void.

As we open 2018´s door, a symbolic landmark created by human imagination, I find myself working on a book I never dreamt I´d write. Other literary, and dance, projects will have to wait, at least for a couple of weeks, because this one – uh, ah! – it´s grabbing me by the hair.

I sit on my desk and words flow, in a hurry (they know I´m on deadlines); urgent. My chest burns – every word comes out of it in flames. Insecurities come to the attack but I know them well. I dismiss them:

-Come on! You, again? Don´t you have anyone else to bug?

They don´t answer but I know what they´d say if they did:

-Everybody has their own tribe of insecurities. We cannot bug anyone else because we belong to you – we are YOU.

And this is what I want to tell myself, my students, my friends; you, who are reading, right now: embrace your demons instead of denying or trying to hush them away. Invite them in for a cup of tea; hug them so tighly they have no other choice but to hug you back.

In dance as in writing; in writing as in life, there are two, mostly unmentioned, qualities that allow you to thrive:

One is trust in yourself and your talent(s). It can come across as cockiness, especially if you´re a woman, and that´s why so many of us avoid developing it. It´ll annoy anyone who doesn´t believe in themselves; it´ll attract envy and competition and gossip and too many “ands”. Self-deprecation earns you more sympathy but it doesn´t get you far.

The other is persistence. If I want to be precise, I´ll call it stubbornness. In men, people call it passion; in women, they call it obsession. Either ways, focus, persist, discipline yourself not to give up on yourself. So hard, I know…(you CAN do it).

They may not look like much but they do the trick. Some of the most precious things in life are invisible so…pay attention…stay awakened…see.


Happy 2018!

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