Sapiens, a page turner (recommended by yours truly)


Here´s one of my recent readings, one I recommend everyone.

I´ll admit: I´m an avid, nerdy reader, mostly what I call an “airport reader” (´cause I only have consistent time to read when I´m on airplanes or waiting for airplanes), but I need to be entertained. Books with a message, quality writing and that* wow factor that makes you turn the page are my favorite.

I love good writing, in the strictly technical sense of the word, but, please-please-please, make sure you, the writer, put on a show so I keep coming back for more. Is this bad or good? Am I a child of this over stimulation era that shrinks my attention spam to its minimum abilities? Perhaps I am. Or, in the end, good writing must be able to catch us by the gut instead of just making an impression.

Honestly, who cares about the writer´s technique? Nobody, as far as I can tell. The reader, as the audience of a dance show, care about being taken on a journey that will keep them coming back to the page and, eventually, transform them.

Intellectual fireworks bore me to death; a good story with lousy writing doesn´t make the cut; cocky writers who live too much in their heads, and presume the world exist to adore their talent, bring out the worst in me.

I want to be informed, transformed and, yes, entertained. And this is exactly what Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari does. If you wish to understand our evolution, as humans, in a light, dynamic, eyes opening, manner, read it.


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