NEW video “What is Egyptian Dance?” by Joana Saahirah

Answering the question “What is Egyptian Dance” is becoming harder, and harder, nowadays. This dance has spread all over the world; it has been cherished, distorted, loved and hated in so many shapes and forms it becomes practically impossible to define it in a straightforward way. Styles, substyles, bullshit styles, tummy flicks and puppets are sold as the real thing*; the real thing* is often ignored by the crowds.

I´m not against distortions, ignorance, and misuse of this dance. I believe everything has a place, and purpose, in the world, including ignorance, arrogance, and every sort of less interesting things I´m often caught up disliking. I stand for what I know – from direct, deep and wide experience in this field in many years of study, and career, in Egypt and around the world – and what I believe. The rest is landscape I choose to learn from, whenever there´s something to be learned.

We don´t fight ignorance with ignorance, neither darkness with darkness. Ignorance is fought with wisdom and darkness is fought with light. Let´s shine, then!

What is Egyptian Dance by Joana Saahirah of Cairo.
Text & dance pieces by Joana Saahirah.
Video edited by Khaled Roshdy


Performing in Czech Republic. Arms open wide; vulnerable & powerful; moving from the soul. This is the Egyptian Dance I´ve got to know, love and share with the whole world.

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