Duet with Tamalyn Dallal in Portland, USA*

I met Tamalyn Dallal in Cairo, while I was living and performing there.

I knew, instantly, I was in the presence of a kind soul and a heart that matches her talent.

When she told me she would come to the workshops I´d be teaching in Portland, one of the cities in Joana Saahirah´s USA & SOULful Tour, I was thrilled.

-What do you think about us performing together? – I asked her.

She was in China; I was in another American city (Delaware), busy with the beginning of my tour and wondering how I´d survive (I went through a tough infection which almost made me cancel the whole tour). There was no time to think, or rehearse, but we wanted to do it. So we did.

The result is endearing and a proof of what I´ve always known: Egyptian Dance is about communication, generosity, human connection.

Thank you, dear Tamalyn, for your presence at our event and for this gorgeous (mostly improvised) duet.

Thanks to Heather, as well, for organizing the whole event. You, too, made it possible.

Portland Joana Saahirah 2017

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