Fifty (or more) shades of Grey

One thing I know for sure: life is not black & white.

I´d love it to be, believe me, but, allas!, truth must be told: Life is a hot, fascinating, often heart breaking, mess with an infinite array of colours, and tones, between black & white. The enemy becomes the friend; the friend becomes the enemy; the killer decides to heal and the healer decides to kill.

Where do we, the good folks, stay in the midst of all this…how can I call it?…unpredictable behaviour?

People, even the ones we love and trust, are not black & white. We are not black & white (damn it!). Who doesn´t like to see her/himself as the good guy? The fair, honest, brave, spotless character? And, yet, we´re grey – so grey it hurts. We cannot escape our in between(ness) – and, between black & white, there are infinite colour possibilities.

Living, and traveling the world for work, has put me in contact with thousands of human beings, animals and plants. It has also put me in contact with myself, the harshest and most urgent contact one can ever make.

I bow towards the Art of Not Knowing, Not Presuming, Not Judging. Maybe I´m growing up.


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