Life changing tool – sharing it with you!

I´ve included meditation in my daily routine for the last 10 days and it has already changed my life. I mean: 10 days?!

Aside from increased focus and mental clarity, inner calm and a much needed extra dose of patience (FYI: I´m the least patient person in the world), I´ve been digging into the deepest parts of my being – memories, grudges, past lives – which tend to surface, effortlessly, whenever my (gemini/busy) mind gets out of the way.

How, I ask mysef, something so simple can have such an impact on my life?
Thanks, once more, to Jonni Pollard for creating this fabulous tool.

Follow the link to access the app:

IMG_20171011_105216.jpgPhoto: me, after meditation, looking – and feeling – high as a kite.

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