What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?


Focus is everything.

You become what you focus on.
In other words: tell me where is your focus and I´ll tell you who you are.

When I look around, I see beauty – I rejoice in the fact that I´m beautiful.
When I look around, I see light – therefore, I know I´m light.
When I look inside, I see the world I´d love to live in – my world, a land of colour, possibilities, child like purity; infinite wonder. It´s a gorgeous sight, this country I see on the mirror – the country I carry within.

In my world, every mirror is an opportunity for knowledge; every friend is an opportunity for joy; every dance is an opportunity to fly. I focus on the journey, not on the arrival; on the experience, not on the exhibition of my skills.

Oriental Dance is not a circus act, meant to impress the audiences with props and tricks; Oriental Dance is the Language of the Soul, one I see in my sister´s eyes every time our eyes meet, when we fix our make-up on the mirror.

What I see when I look in the mirror is a Gipsy who´s not afraid to wander – lost & found -, on her way home. There´s a Caravan of Gipsies, trotting along proud, Arabic horses, in the near distance.
I wave back at them – they´re coming to meet me.

Photo: Joana Saahirah & Ksenija Plesna Delavnica Zahir, backstage, before the show in Maribor, Slovenia, captured by the lens of Breda Jurečko.

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