“I killed Scherezade” by Joumana Haddad

Rereading “I killed Scherezade” by Joumana Haddad

Contradictory and thought provoking. Not an exceptional book, by any standard, but one that may interest Egyptian Dance, and Culture, lovers.

It´s funny how so called professionals of Egyptian Dance – or bellydance, as people still insist on calling it – often presume they don´t need to understand the culture behind the dance they claim to represent. I disagree with that 1000%. Not only did I study, and built a career, in Egypt, as well as having performed in other Middle Eastern countries; not only did I learn Arabic and experienced the culture from within – in my personal and professional life -, but I keep studying, reviewing, reading, researching. I feel I´ve just lifted a tiny part of the veil and I want to keep lifting, hoping to get closer to the truth. If there´s such a thing as (Universal) Truth.

Our view of the world depends on our personal experience, the way life shapes us. My interpretation of this book is no exception. I bring all my interactions with Middle Eastern men, and women, to the table when I read it. We cannot escape ourselves.

I´d love to hear about YOUR perspective on the subject: where do Middle Eastern Women stand nowadays? Are they liberated or still bound by a violent, possessive, castrating Patriarchal, Muslim oriented mentality? Most important than that: where do all women stand nowadays? Are we truly free from society´s limiting laws and pressures?


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