Joana Saahirah USA & CANADA SOULful 2017 TOUR this November


USA and Canada 2017 Soulful Tour.JPG

Joana Saahirah of Cairo Fan Page & The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life and Beyond by Joana Saahirah 4th USA & Canada SOULful 2017 TOUR

From Egypt to the World, brining back the Soul of Oriental Dance.

Tour dates/locations:

*Delaware, USA, on the 3,4,5th November. Contact Zahra Noor for more information.

*Atlanta, USA, on the 10,11,12th November. Contact Faaridah Raqs for more information.

*Portland, Oregon, USA, on the 17th, 18th November. Contact Heather Henna Louise for more information.

*Quebec, CANADA, on the 24,25,26th November. Contact Sarah Jawida Vezina for more information.

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