Glimpses of The Magic lived in Slovenia

Working with a professional, talented, generous orchestra is MY thing. I got used to performing with the best Egyptian musicians I´ve ever known during my years of life, and career, in Cairo. And, let´s admit, I got spoilt and never, until today, got used to working with recorded music.

When Ksenija, the organizer of my last work trip to Slovenia and my dear friend, told me she was bringing an orchestra for the event, I was thrilled and I knew we could do something great. I´d nagged, and nagged, her about it; I´d requested a live orchestra, on several occasions, and here they were; finally!

No time to rehearse or prepare workshops or/and show. And still the Magic happened. What you see in the following videos is a bit of what we experienced in our “Baladi Awadi with live orchestra” workshop & “Classical + Modern Egyptian Dance” workshop. I hope you can taste the love…

Follow the links to enjoy other videos from my latest workshops in Slovenia:

 Joana Saahirah and Mazzikatea orchestra Baladi Improvisation in Slovenia (Workshop):

❤ Baladi improvisation by Joana Saahirah for Morocco (Aunt Rocky):

❤ Joana Saahirah Around the World Choreography in Slovenia:

Joana Saahirah in Slovenia September

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