Let The Fall begin!


Hello, October!
Hello, Fall!
Hello, Death & Rebirth (the meaning of Fall)!
Each Season is an opportunity to leave something behind and start something new. With Fall comes death and with death comes rebirth.We, too, can surrender and allow ourselves to fall so we can rise higher after that. Remember the ground – earth – is always there to sustain, embrace and heal you.
Wonder what you don´t need to keep anymore – old, outdated cloths, furniture, beliefs, grudges, prejudices – and throw it away while focusing on what you wish for this new season.
The colors of Nature, the Fire Places lighting up, the cosiness of a rainy, dark, blanket & television Sunday afternoon; holding hands with a loved one during a walk in the park, comfort food, hot chocolate with a close friend, the light, the promise of retreat and inner peace – these are my favorite things related to Fall. What are yours?

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