APPRECIATION versus CRITICISM in Egyptian Dance as in Life by Joana Saahirah


I´ve recently shot, and shared, a video from Brazil. That video was about shifting the focus from criticism to appreciation. In Egyptian Dance as in Life (you know my motto).

We´re fast to point our finger to the things which are not working – I´m guilty as charged – but slow to publicly appreciate, thank and promote what´s WORKING.

Although CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, one that identifies problems and proposes solutions to those problems, is important, I believe there´s a serious lack of appreciation in our world.

When my niece, who´s 6 years old, does something wrong, I´ve started to remind her of all the things she is and does right instead of criticizing her for her mistake. Surprisingly, or not, she immediately corrects the mistake, learns from it and is less prone to repeat it than if I focused on her flaw and tortured her about it. All of us are children at heart. Therefore, I propose we start dealing with each other as I deal with my niece: more appreciative than critical, reminding others of what they do RIGHT instead of just speaking up when they do something wrong.

In all my years of career in Egypt, the Middle East and, more recently, around the World, I´ve met all sorts of people – audiences, students, managers, impresarios, musicians, colleagues, event organizers, supporters, and haters. I deal, on a daily basis, with people who think, feel and act differently from me; people with different concepts of ethics, professionalism, art, and life. There´s good, and less than good, folks everywhere and in every field. THAT* should not stop us from focusing on the GOODNESS, the QUALITY, the EFFORTS and the LOVE existing in our world.

We do the best we can with the knowledge, conscience, and circumstances we´ve been given – or, better said, co-created. And, yes, there are nasty folks. Really nasty. I´ve met a few of them. But I´ve also met amazing, hard-working, professional, passionate, honest people who make me be, and do, better.

It´s a question of choice: are you going to focus – focus = giving importance/energy – to the things, and people, you dislike or are you going to start appreciating the things, and people, you like?
For me, the answer has become clear.

Thanks, again and again, to everyone who has crossed paths with me. Friends and enemies (yes, they exist – I just don´t pay them attention), supporters and detractors, angels and devils. We´re all ONE and we´re all on the same Path.

Is your GRATITUDE mode ON?

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