The choice (JOY)

Joy, one that includes sadness when sadness shows up on the road, is an inside job. You create it, invite it, plant it within. It´s not a circumstance, a gift from destiny, a pleasant thunderbolt Gods throw your way.
You plant it, and water it, daily; you lose hope, perhaps, but you keep pouring water on the ground and you keep smiling at it just because you decide so.
And, suddenly, the sun above your head starts shining and others will call you lucky, blessed one, privileged. If only they knew how many gardens you´ve planted in your backyard when nobody was looking; if only they knew how many tears were needed to water those gardens; if only they knew you kept bowing in front of each seed, in gratitude, until it started to flourish.
It´s not luck – it´s decision.
Photo: Smile selfie for the road

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