Applaud yourself (you cocky, gorgeous, thing!)

tumblr_nka1jfU6CE1u41y3ao1_500.gifMore than an external motivation, Dance is an internal call.
You have to depend on your passion, self-motivation and purpose in order to keep moving through pleasant and hard times. The world doesn´t have to pat your back, tell you about your gifts and push you forward; in fact, the world rarely, if ever, does that. The world doesn´t have to be glamorous, shining, accepting of your dance and/or you; dance happens everywhere – on a big stage, in the street, in an empty room or in a fully packed theatre. You´re worthy, independently of the feedback the exterior world may, or not, give you.
YOU´re the one who has to pat your own back, remind yourself of the gifts, and consequent responsibility, you´ve been given and keep pushing yourself forward. It´s the dance itself, not the world outside of it, which keeps calling you back to the studio, to any ground where you can stand with your own two feet and move.

I often tell this to my students: applaud yourself; congratulate yourself for your evolution, for the mistakes which are nothing but precious rocks on the travelled world, for the light and the darkness, the victories and the setbacks. It´s great to receive others´support but you cannot depend on it. Don´t wait for your teacher, friends, family, strangers to value you. VALUE YOURSELF.

I know a lot of you will feel uncomfortable with this self-value thing. Our societies tell us, women, we cannot acknowlegde our qualities. If we do, we´re called egocentric, cocky, arrogant, full of ourselves. It´s your choice to listen to them or decide to take care of yourself. As a dancer and as a human being. You, and nobody else, must be your greatest motivator. The Passion for the Dance, and nothing else, is the reason why you keep coming back to the dance floor.
If you´re a dancer, someone who does it out of pure love, you´ll know why you keep going ahead, come rain or come shine. The world may not know but you do. And that´s all that matters.

Keep The Flame alive, dear ones ❤

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