POLEMIC – that old devil called Sexuality!

Sexuality in Egyptian Dance Online WorkshopI never thought Sexuality was such a big tabu in our (Western) society!
Once I launched my NEW Online Workshop – Sexuality in Egyptian Dance -, I started receiving an incredible amount of sexual proposals from strange men. I realized, in total disbelief, their vision of sexuality is still primary, childish and incredibly twisted.
Now, more than ever, the TABU – or Elephant in the Room – must be addressed. With intelligence, naturality & vision.

In Egyptian Dance as in Life.

Isis Eye Joana Saahirah SchoolFollow the link for more information on our rEVOLUTIONARY

“Sexuality in Egyptian Dance” Online Training (live & recorded classes): http://www.powhow.com/packages/joana-saahirahs-dance-studio/sexuality-in-egyptian-dance-unleashing-lilith-full-workshop

Sexuality in Egyptian Dance Revolution

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