Lemonade, baby!

tumblr_o8nh14VXFN1u9ooogo1_500.gifI´m a lover by nature. That means I love everything I do and everything I do comes from love. If (when) I don´t love it, I don´t do it. It´s great & terrible. As most things in life, it´s probably both.

Here´s a theme I´m particularly in love with – Resourcefulness, the Art of turning rocks into diamonds or making lemonade when all you´ve got is a bunch of (sour) lemons. I explored the theme in my first book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” (http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/joana-saahirah/the-secrets-of-egypt-dance-life-beyond-2nd-edition/paperback/product-23143198.html)

I often hear dancers, and friends, complaining about the lack of “ideal circumstances” or “conditions” that would, theoretically, allow them to move forward with things, relationships, dreams. In most cases, that´s plain, old, oh so damned frustrating procrastination strategy. There´s no such thing as “ideal circunstances” or, even, “conditions for (fill in the blank). Life´s messy, often hard, pre-destined and random, filled with nonsense, miracles, destruction and beauty. There are obstacles, unexpected turns, sudden change of plans and falls. You gotta roll with the punches and ride the waves as they come.

If you keep waiting for the “perfect circumstances” to move forward with what you know you need to do, you´ll die waiting. As I mention in this video, if all you´ve got is a bunch of lemons, make a mean lemonade. Use your resources – energy, time, focus, creativity, even fear which can be turned into pro-active adrenaline – right NOW. Let me repeat: NOW. Stop waiting for the conditions that will never arrive. Use what you have and who you are right now.

Easier said than done. But, believe me, it´s true: if, instead of focusing on what you don´t have, you start focusing on what you have and use it, you´ll move forward and get things done. YOUR things, the ones that make you feel alive.

Just sayin´…

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