6:30am meeting with my(imperfect?)self?

Here´s the thing about getting things, the really important stuff, done: you gotta sacrifice.

You´ll sacrifice parts of your time, activities, distractions, evasions that we often use to escape the face to face meeting with ourselves and the work we were born to do.

You meet a dear friend called PRIORITY. And another one: NO. Learning to say NO to every request people throw at you – this is a new challenge, for me; the only way of making sure I work on what matters to ME.

11034919_690589621045974_5343370161804137964_nHere´s what already happened today:

5.30am – wake up, sleepy bunny!
5.45am – running outdoors.
6.30am – Ashtanga Yoga training – complete 1st series.
7.45am – shower and breakfast.
8.30am – First private online class of the day.
An incredible list of work items follow on today´s list. I focus on each task, challenge, person or group, when I arrive to it.
I breathe deeply, and lovingly, throughout the day.

Easy to make it all happen? Nah!
Possible? Hell, yeah!

At 6.30am, while I was deep into an Ashtanga pose, I started noticing, and criticizing, my right foot. List of critics:

1.  I haven´t gone for a pedicure in ages – I´ve booked, and cancelled, twice in the last month due to other, more important, commitments.

2. The bottom of my feet has calluses – naturally: I dance everyday for a living; I walk barefoot; I´m restarting my yoga practice, for God´s sake!, barefooted. What was I expecting? Perfectly pedicured feet?

3. There´s a bit of hair growing again on my ankle! I´ve waxed less than one month ago. Why does Nature have to be so annoying? (Why am I obliged to wax myself every single month?)

The list of critics would go on if I didn´t have to switch position and move forward to another pose. It just dawned on me how demanding, and irrationally self-critical, we are.

I bowed – low; even lower – and kissed my feet. That´s when I knew I was really* getting into Yoga.


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