Sexuality in Egyptian Dance – The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the RoomSexuality (Physical Pleasure) in Egyptian Dance, as in Life, is a huge Elephant in the Room, one of the most misunderstood, distorted & essential parts of human experience. 
Throughout my career, in Egypt and around the World, I´ve met thousands of dancers who were disconnected from that side of their existence or connected to it in a destructive, critical, guilty manner. As a consequence, they see their self-expression, vitality, power to accomplish their dreams or do/move according to what they feel extremely hard if not impossible. 
Such negative relationship with their most primal selves affects their health and expansion potential. It makes their life, and dance, smaller.
Authentic Egyptian Dance proposes a reeducation of the way we see ourselves – including our physical bodies – and human experience. 
Know more about the Elephant in the Room by watching these 2 videos I´ve selected for you. I hope you find inspiration in them. 
💓Video Note “Sexuality in Egyptian Dance”:
💓Message from The Womb “”Physical Pleasure (let´s get it on!):
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