You´re only as good as your current work

You´re only as good as your current work.

It doesn´t matter how many achievements, quality stamps, success and talent confirmation you´ve gathered under your belt, the world has a (cruel;fair) way of throwing all that down the drain while demanding:

-Show me what you can do. Prove your worth.

Again. And again. And again. And again. And. And. And (multiply it ad eternum).

This fact, as death or Donald Trump´s obnoxious lizzard brain, are things we cannot change. We´re left with two choices: we can become increasingly anguished, out of breath, trying to catch a train that will always pass us by OR we can take it as a challenge that pulls us forward & higher.

I see it as a Personal Trainer the Universe kindly provides, free of charge. If I felt like quitting, which I never did, he´d yell: go, go, GO! When I sit on my comfort zone, beyond the recommended time, he´ll poke me with a stick and make me run a marathon, making sure I´ll fall in a murky pond, get wet and dirty to the bones. If, any time, I believe I´m the last Coca-Cola in the desert, he´ll whisper “get a grip”. Then he´ll throw me off a cliff so I´m forced to open my wings and fly. If I don´t, I´ll fall flat on the ground bellow his indifferent gaze.


Here´s the truth: I don´t like cruelty, mediocrity, envy, dishonesty. I don´t like meat, plastic food, gossip, small minds, bitter people who throw their sour sauce into other folks´ plates; I dislike, and pity, empty hearts. I do like challenges. (I´d be dead, by now, if I didn´t).

The world demands a constant worthiness proof. Fair enough. We can make sure we always deliver our best; we can push ourselves, expand, go out of our comfort zone and never, ever, think we´re the best in whatever we do. Knowing we´re unique, a work of art in progress, is as far as the world will allow us to go. That I know, not for the world´s sake, but for my own.75498_542042919161115_1508687290_n

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