Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School July/August schedule + Recorded Courses

19149454_1620192534671284_8338079661115689412_nOur limits are our strengths. For me, the limit is feeling. If I don´t feel it, I cannot do it.
This has caused the loss of potential relationships and career opportunities as well as great achievements and personal fulfillment. It has taken me to Egypt, where I´ve started building my career, and around the world, where I´ve been spreading The Vision* of Egyptian Dance and, hopefully, inspiring dancers to be, and dance, their best selves.
Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School is no exception: the project was born, and it has been cherished since it opened its first class on May 13th, from the heart. It´s not only about creating high quality dance contents that are filled with credible information, know-how coming from deep and extensive experience in the field and culture. It´s about communicating the CORE of Egyptian Dance which is, not surprisingly, my core: the heart.
People can feel it. And they give back with the same frequency.
All our online classes are live & recorded. Even if you miss the live class, you can enjoy the correspondent recording and review it as much as you want to.
The perfect tool to connect with students from all over the world.
From Egypt to the World. 

Joana Saahirah Online Dance School Love

Our on going & future live & recorded courses:
Introduction to The Secrets of Egyptian Dance Workshop:
Egyptian Rhythms for Oriental Dance Intensive Training – Level 1:
Egyptian Dance ABC & Creative Awakening – Level 1:
Om Kolthoum & Tarab for Oriental Dancers Full Introduction:
Egyptian Dance Intermediate Level Course by Joana Saahirah:
In September:
Our recorded courses (the correspondent live classes have already taken place):
Baladi Extravaganza Intensive Training:
Baladi Extravaganza Deeper into the Language of the Hips:
Cairo style Tabla solo Intensive Training by Joana Saahirah:
Oriental Dance for the Stage Intensive Training by Joana Saahirah:
School New Logo June 13th 2017

Welcome to Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School!

Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School:
4th Session

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