THANK YOU (Messages from the Womb book on the way)

Receiving and giving back the ❤

Messages from the Womb video collection (check link: was born out of the place I call Portugal´s Womb, a Feminine Energy Portal that called me in my dreams. Literally.

I followed The Calling, as always. And here I am, after shooting a series of videos that have inspired dancers, and non dancers, from all over the world, working on the book that explores those themes.

The book is not turning out as I imagined, once I knew I was going to write it; it´s turning into something better. More original.

A period of Writing Cocoon follows. More NEWS soon. Meanwhile: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the appreciation and inspiration.

I gather strength, and purpose, from everyone: the supporters and the naysayers; the fans and the haters. Everyone has a place, and function, in my creative process. Everyone empowers me to keep growing into the best version of myself.


See you on the other side ❤

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