19756454_10155563509309886_6798564334009710848_nI take a dive into the Ocean – the deepest, most mysterious ocean -, reluctantly, every time I embark on a book writing marathon.
It´s hard, and exhausting, to manage my dance career, which requires my full attention and a predisposition to express myself in the exterior world, with the discipline, stillness, inner journey and silence book writing demands. Still I move forward. Slowly but surely.
Only the ones who actually DO IT know how challenging it is; only the ones who get naked, undone, their hair dishevelled, their memory lost (which today is today?) have a glimpse of the miracle – their heart wide open and their neurons stretched beyond mental sanity. Each phrase, a discovery; each word a world to (re)discover.
Challenges never scared me – mediocrity and evilness do.
Making IT happen one word, & dance step, at a time.

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